Dominican Blue Amber Beads And Their Metaphysical Properties


The amber beads are believed to have immense healing powers. They need to be used with the following of certain steps that can give you the best benefits. The same have been discussed as under:


  • Tie the beads firmly: The beads must be fastened by means of the threads securely. The beads are small items and due care must be taken whole attaching the beads to the threads. Each single bead must be firmly tied with knots so that it does not fall off. Put knots after fastening each bid so that all the beads are held securely. If one of them comes off by chances, the others will not follow. If you use chains instead of threads, the Dominican blue amber beads can be tied even more securely. If it is a jewelry item such as a necklace, the loss of a single bead will diminish the appeal of the jewelry.
  • Touch with the body must not be lost: Ambers are supposed to possess powers of healing. For the healing process to happen undeterred, the touch of the ambers with the body must not be lost at any means. Ambers are supposed to reduce joint pains and arthritis. If you are suffering from stress, ambers are suggested as a relief measure. There have been records of the healing of problems related to migraine. Even many dermatological problems are cured with the use of ambers. Even thyroid troubles are supposed to be cured with amber use. If you are mentally disturbed, ambers can cool you down.
  • Keep them on as much as possible: The more period you wear these ambers, the better are the effects. You can take off these items while sleeping. You also have the option of winding them around your wrists. This is doe to remove the discomfort while sleeping. You can also insert the ambers into the dress you wear during sleeping time. Keep the meads in contact as much as possible to get the best effects.
  • Keep the Dominican blue amber beads: Companies such as DR Fine Jewels sell the Amber beads after polishing a single side. This is done so that the customer will be able to understand the original shine of the stone. Later on the other sides get polished by the retailer. You ought to keep the surfaces of the beads clean by wiping with a moist cloth. The cloth must be soft so that it does not create any scratches on the surface of the ambers. Do not use hot water or chemicals for cleaning the ambers. They may get harmed.
  • Have patience fort seeing the results: The effects of using amber beads cannot be achieved overnight. You need to give some time for its usage so that the effects become prominent. At least a month must be given to see some results. The ambers must be worn constantly for continuously getting the healing effects. If the amber gets damaged, its efficacy will decrease. Its proper maintenance is important for getting the best results.
  • Follow the given guidelines for getting the maximum output from the amber stones.

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