Do You Know All This About Diamonds


Diamond had earned a great appreciation in the recent years. It is considered a better and lucrative investment choice after gold. Since the buy-back value of a diamond is quite high if the quality is good, people don't mind spending extravagantly for it. No wonder, you see a great rush in all the leading diamond jewellery showrooms in Bangalore. Experts underline that it is very much important to buy it from a reliable and guaranteed showroom. Do not forget to take a computerized bill and purity certificate so that the buy-back transaction is smooth in future.

Since you have decided to buy stunning diamond jewelry from a reliable place, here are some interesting facts about this precious stone. Other than immortality (yes, they can really last forever), there are many other qualities.

It is the symbol of true love

In all civilizations, diamond has been considered priceless because it represents immortal love. In India, Egypt or Rome; everywhere it is admired and praised for purity and love.

Also, it is practically impossible to burn a diamond. You need incredibly high temperature (more than 1300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since it is the hardest substance that doesn't break or burn in any circumstance, it becomes the symbol of love.

It is time-tested

Yes, the diamonds we find in mines today might have formed millions of years ago because of some drastic change happened on the earth. Nobody knows what would have happened then? Due to a combination of extremely high temperature and pressure, carbon got converted into precious diamonds. No wonder, it is priceless.

If you wish to have the purest diamond, then go for the colorless

People admire colored diamonds (green, pink or blue), but they aren't the pure ones. In its purest form, a diamond is always colorless. Colored ones contain impurities of other elements.

It isn't available worldwide

Diamonds are not found everywhere on the earth. In selected places, some massive geological activities happened millions of years ago. It resulted in diamond crystals settling at a particular depth. Since they are uncommon, they are precious. In spite of being rare, it is the most sought precious stone. Though artificial diamonds are available in ample numbers with diamond jewellery showrooms in Bangalore, the charm of natural (or original) diamonds is unbeaten.

Colorless, bright and charming; a diamond is a diamond! Even if the prices reach to the rooftop, the craze for diamond is perpetual.