DKNY Watches Staying Fashionable Yet Being Formal


DKNY History:

Started as a fashion brand, DKNY has begun making watches after witnessing the wide spread watch lovers and users. There is a long and interesting history behind DKNY watches. The founder of the brand, Donna Karan originated from New York and later went to Long Island. Belonging to a fashion based family, Karan became a fashion sensible person. After producing kids wear, jeans, underwear, the brand concentrated in making watches. Reflecting the brand's spirit, DKNY watches are always at the top with the use of high class materials and brilliant articulation.

High – Class Materials

It is the use of high class materials that makes the watches solid. The DKNY watches have steel case which stops tarnishing and discoloration so that the watches look great for a longer span of time.


All the DKNY timepieces have quartz movement mechanism, which makes them so accurate. The quartz watches are charged by an electronic rotator which is connected by a quartz crystal. These type of watches need battery changes from time to time.

Why DKNY watches are so popular?

Not only the classy designs or top class accuracy, DKNY timepieces have become one of the popular watch brands due to their trust, beauty and everlasting performance. In addition to these things, the reasonable price tags are also responsible for their popularity.

Men's and Women's Watches

There is a variety of men's and women's watches available within the array of DKNY collections. The men's watches have large square, oval and round dials. The steel case of these watches provide strength. The rubber, resin and leather straps bring flexibility and lightness to the pieces.


Among the plethora of collections, the Analog, Men's and Racing includes gent's watches, while collections like Women's, Analog, Bryant Park, Park Avenue and others are for men.

Analog for Men

The men's watches of this collection are simple with their traditional getups. The round dials are coloured in black, which represents masculine toughness. The silvery hands adds glow to the wrist of the wearer, while the steel case gives protection from discoloration. The blackish rubber and leather bracelets provide long life. The mineral glass crystal cover protects the pieces from damage and also brings transparency.

Analog for Women

The women's watches are more fashionable and stylish than the men's watches. Not only that, these female watches focus on detailing. Most of the models have white dials, while the finely crafted inner part increases the picturesque effect. Along with leather and stainless steel bracelets, these wonderful female watches also offer two tone and silicon straps.


The name of a collection introduces you to the kind of watches it presents. Like that, the Racing collection is meant for persons related to adventure sports activities like racing. To fit the needs of sports persons, these watches are very flexible with their resin straps. The analogue display screen represents a vintage essence. The mineral glass crystal built cover provides a crystal clear approach and helps in glorifying the wrist of the user.

Bryant Park

This enticing ladies collection has rose gold and golden models in its kitty. The small rectangular dial looks pretty with rose gold and golden colours painted on them. The straps are made in stainless steel and are designed very carefully so to suit the wrist of a woman. The scaly bands appear to be like the body of a crocodile. The analogue display screen projects the orthodox attitude of the watches, while the water resistant function prevents the pieces from damages related to water and makes them durable.