Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2017


However, none of the above has been used to describe the upcoming digital marketing trends for the year 2017 in this article. Instead, past readings in marketing have been researched and the expected future developments in top digital marketing predictions for this year have been put together. Any digital marketing company in Delhi or across the globe will see changing trends this year in 2017 for the digital marketing industry as described below.

Rise of Videos

2017 will see an explosion in online videos. It will be raining videos everywhere over the Internet and specially on mobile screens. At present more than 50% of data on mobiles is already being dominated by videos and this trend will be seeing a sharp rise in 2017. The social media giant, Facebook has planned to add a 'videos' tab in their apps.

As the time spent on mobiles and on social media continues increasing, videos will be a phenomenal growth channel in 2017. Infographics and visual content might be quite popular. However, video marketing will become the best bet for online users who are on the run. Undoubtedly, creating and distributing video content in 2017 will be a major trend for marketers this year. Live videos have become the favourite of consumers and so has live stream.

Behaviour based emarketing

It seems that the year 2017 will be all about behaviour based emarketing. Consumers have become increasingly aware of the number of spam emails they receive in their inbox. If they think that your email is not useful for them, they will not open it. This result in an entire wastage of efforts and cost associated with the email marketing campaigns. The best solution to combat this problem is to segment your email list based on behaviour of consumers and to send targeted and customized emails meant for certain group of consumers.

Increase in PPC and Local Paid Campaigns

It has been predicted that the organic listings will decrease considerably and PPC as well as local paid ads will gain momentum this year in 2017. A SEO company in Delhi or in any part of the world can apply organic search as well as pay per click ads for increasing ranks of their client websites on search engines. Now, as per predictions, Google will gradually have only top few organic ranks on the search engine results and will get a sustained amount of search traffic especially for information oriented websites. In 2016 itself, there had been a constant rise in audience targeting features and this year in 2017, now marketers will be able to make best use of this feature.

Audience targeting options are being integrated into Adwords and other such platforms. Ads will be targeted by age, behavioural signals and other such factors with emphasis on demographic targeting options. Audience targeting will gain as much significance as keyword targeting and will play a quite significant role in crafting a strong PPC strategy.

Voice Search

Voice search is fast becoming quite a common feature for young consumers as they have started spending more time in using various mobile apps. Voice Search will constitute more than 50% of all the searches on major search engines. This will totally revolutionize the entire concept as people will speak whatever they want to search instead of typing it in the search box.

Every brand needs to understand the latest trends of the consumer's behaviour and the way they voice their search. The types of words used are different from how searchers type in the search box. Apps should be integrated with voice search in order to produce conversions.

Mobile will be dominating the traffic

The amount of consumers using mobiles for accessing the Internet now outweighs the number of consumers using desktops. Mobile search will continue to be dominant this year in 2017 which underlines the necessity of bringing in responsiveness as one of the most important factors for websites. This is a vital factor to ensure that you don't lose your customers. Key mobile word searches continue to be significant. Mobile only Social Apps also have begun to be used extensively and are an inherent part of mobile marketing strategy. Monitoring social channels becomes an indispensable part of a company's mobile marketing strategy.