Different Types Of Rings And How To Choose Them


Among various types of jewellery, rings are considered the most popular. Moreover, both men and women can wear ring. In addition to this, ring is considered to be an integral part of an engagement and wedding ceremony. Rings can be adorned with various precious stones, such as ruby, yellow sapphire and diamond and can be made up of metals like silver, gold and platinum.

Mentioned below are some types of rings that are common in today's time:

  • Civil partnership ring: These are the types of ring that are designed for the same sex couple who are making a personal commitment. As a symbolic gesture, couples choose to exchange the rings to become civil partners.
  • Posie Ring: These rings usually contain long inscription on the outer or the inner surface.
  • Eternity Ring: These rings that are exchanged between couples to celebrate anniversary. These rings are set with precious stones especially diamonds to symbolise the perpetuity.
  • Wedding Rings: These rings are exchanged during the wedding day, which indicates coming together and nuptial vow.
  • Engagement Rings: These rings are usually worn before wedding, which indicates that the couple is engaged.

How to buy the right type of ring:

Even though rings are considered the most commonly worn jewellery, finding a ring, which would be of the right size, style and look can be a daunting experience. With so many designs and styles available; the customer can easily get confused on the right one to buy. Mentioned below are some tips that would help an individual to buy the right type of ring easily:

  • There is no specific instruction provided as to how much one should spend on a ring. Therefore, budget is the first thing that needs to be considered. This will prevent one from spending larger amount of money and possible post-buying guilt. Instead, one must find a perfect ring within his or her budget, with a little bit of investigation.
  • There are big rings, smart rings, simple rings, floral design rings, geometric designs and all sorts of rings. So how to decide which one your girlfriend will like. Well, try and observe the kind of jewellery she wears to get an idea.
  • When selecting a diamond ring; one should abide by the four Cs, which include colour, carat weight, clarity and cut. In addition, one should choose the diamond shape depending upon the partner's preference.
  • Knowing the size is important else the whole purpose of the ring would be lost.
  • If you are unsure, it is better to go for a ring, which has a blend of both contemporary and traditional look.
  • In case the rings that are displayed do not seem to be interesting then one can go for the bespoke ones as these allow the individual to choose a design as per one's own preference and requirement.
  • When selecting a ring style consider the lifestyle of the person. It is better to avoid ring with finer details for those who work in service industries or mechanical industries as the dirt will easily accumulate in the groves.

With these simple tips, one can choose a perfect ring for wedding or engagement. Apart from all these tips; it is very important to choose a certified and registered jewellery shop. Since a registered company will always offer a genuine and authentic product; unlike a company which is not registered. You can also buy rings and other jewellery online these days without any hassle.