Different Types Of Bead Bracelets For Both Mena And Women


Pairing up beaded with contemporary or traditional outfit can make you look more trendy, attractive and fashionable. These come in different colors and designs. Some of them offer vintage charms while some of them are poised with contemporary aura. You need to select one as per your attire or dressing. Bracelets can be worn by both men and women. Though popularity of jewelries is limited among women, bracelets are loved by everyone. They look perfect one both men and women. Even handcrafted unisex are also available at the marketplace. You can purchase bead bracelet for men easily through online stores.

Types of Beaded Bracelets

Many people want to know about different types of beaded bracelets. Now, it is difficult to mention all the types, as these are creative and they can feature unique as well as distinguished designs. Though based on the availability, bead bracelet for women and men can be distinguished in the following types:

1. Stretch Bracelets

Stretch bracelets are mainly popular among women. They generally love wearing such accessories with their contemporary dressing. In case of ethnic dresses, they also look good, depending upon the style and designs for beading. In case of stretch bracelets, beads are stringed on nylon thread. The thread is generally elastic and thus this type of bracelet has been named as stretch bracelet.

2. Toggle Bracelets

When it comes to bead bracelet for men, toggle bracelets are mostly found to be popular. They are recommended for both men and women though! This type of bracelets features stringed beads on fine gauge wire. With toggle clasp, the bracelets are closed. This is why named as toggle bracelets.

3. Clasp Bracelets

Beaded clasp come with unique designs and different types of beads. To close the wrist, a clasp can be found featuring wire linking or wrapping techniques. This is the reason why these bracelets are named as clasp bracelets.

4. Hand Knot Bracelets

Among various contemporary bead bracelet for men, hand knotted ones have become vastly popular these days. Two or more colorful threads or wires are knotted with each other in different styles.

Not just in terms of appearance, may further be classified in various types depending upon the beading style. Contemporary as well as traditional bracelets show unique and diverse beading techniques. They look unique, posh and highly fashionable for both men and women. For example, solid beading is a common style of beading for bead bracelet for women. Such contain same beads throughout its body. If you are looking for antique jewelries, solid beading design will suit your needs perfectly.

Those, who want something unique or more contemporary, can opt for the complex bead bracelets. Complex bead is just opposite to solid bead. It features different kinds of beading throughout its body. Similar to this, there is alternating color which feature different colors of beads. Stacked Wrap also feature complex design. However, they are different from complex beadings. Several other options are there and choose a bracelet as per your personality.