Different Steps To Sell Loose Diamonds


Did you know that when you buy loose diamonds, as opposed to ones already built into a piece of jewelry, it is likely to be 30% to 50% less expensive? Loose diamonds in Tulsa are known to be great investments because they are a lot cheaper than buying a ready made jewelry set. If you can save almost 50% on your diamonds, there are several ways in which you can earn from them. In the diamond industry, more and more business conscious people are learning the benefits of investing in loose diamonds, how to re-sell them in different ways, and what advantages you have as an investor if you purchase your precious stones loose. There's a whole industry where you can potentially be earning a lot of money handling loose dimaonds. And even if your diamonds are vintage, or from estate jewelry in Tulsa where they have become loose in time, as long as they still maintain the standards of a diamond, they are profitable. So if you find yourself with loose diamods, or are given the opportunity to purchase them at very low rates, here is a guide to give you an idea on how to go about selling your loose diamonds.

Learn the worth, quality and selling point of your diamonds

This is the very first step before you can even decide to sell because you need to determine the exact worth of your diamond, why it is, what it is. Different jewelers will definitely give you different price ranges. So make sure that you are getting your professional opinion from many different eyes. What you are looking for is a brief idea of around how much these diamonds will sell on the market. And you can achieve his by confirming the price with different jewelers. Ask about the selling point of your diamonds, the quality, and why they are worth a specific amount. You'll get an idea of how much you should expect, and how the pricing works when it comes to the quality, shape and size of the rock.

Research on the diamond industry

Do some research on the Diamond industry near the area you live in. By this we mean, asking jewelers, checking on the world wide web, to see who buys and sells loose diamonds in Tulsa. Do this to know the difference in the processes of the purchase to see what is more suitable to your liking. This is important because not all jewelers will be fair, or will take care of your diamonds. And of course you want a trustworthy, experienced and knowledgable jeweler to help and guide you to sell your loose diamonds.

Sell your loose diamonds within the jewelry industry

Jewelers are always interested to purchase loose diamonds in Tulsa because they are a lot cheaper to buy loose than caged on to a piece of jewelry casing. And they will profit from these diamonds once they have built the precious metals around them. Most jewelers can't resist a good collection of diamonds at a cheaper price. So maximize the possible cost or income you'll receive from your loose diamonds, and resell then to the diamond industry.

Sell your diamonds to other private investors

If you do not want to sell your loose diamonds to jewelers, look for other individuals looking to invest in something and explain to them the benefits you have yourself for owning loose diamonds

Customize your own jewelry

Use your own diamonds to work with a jeweler who can customize your loose diamonds in Tulsa for you. You can either use the finished product for yourself, or sell them as pieces of jewelry for somewhere in between 10-20% of your overall investment in the diamonds plus the cost to get them customized.