Different Features Of Cuff Bracelets


When we talk of cuff bracelets these are jewelry items that are usually worn around the wrist for fashion. Cuff bracelets signify bracelets that are wide as well as thicker. Some are of both features. The materials of which jewelry are made of differ and the choices vary between men and women. For instance, women usually opt for silver or gold jewelry while men like to opt for cuff bracelets of leather as leather accessories for men. These are ways of making style statements as well. However, today there are more variations available when it comes to fashion jewelry.

Cuff bracelet design features

No matter what material the cuff bracelets are made of, these have the distinct design feature of fitting against the wrist snugly. They are made to be adjustable as well. For these reasons, when you are opting for leather cuff bracelets as leather accessories for men be sure to check the fit. The leather jewelry are usually more opted for than metal jewelry.

Bracelets of precious metals

The popular precious metals used to create cuff bracelets for women are gold and silver. The metals are hammered into these shapes. They are made into flat and thin sheets first which are then curved to make different fits. Often jewelry have engravings as well which make them exquisite designs to opt for. Many come studded with precious stones like diamonds.

Group identities

The mens leather accessories like cuff bracelets are often worn by bikers or goths which are their group identity bands. Many opt for the black leather jewelry that are edgy and have a tough look and feel. Many opt for Leather Bracelets in natural leather. These come in dark brown and pale brown shades. These come in varying designs. Some are designed with delicate curves and patterns while the masculine look is obtained in thicker bands that have rough edges and finishes.

Old traditions around cuff bracelets

There are several traditions that surround the use of cuff bracelets. Many Egyptians are known to have worn bracelets that had elaborate designs on them. Ancient Americans, Asians and Celts are known to have worn different kinds of jewelry down the ages. Many communities have the tradition of giving cuff bracelets as gifts. In many cases they are designed as religious jewelry items while in other cases, they are handed out as anniversary gifts. The designs are also known to differ. For instance, braided leather jewelry are known to be popular though they are in vogue even today. Many communities are known to decorate cuff bracelet with artwork, feathers, stones and other materials. Ethnic bracelets are unique and many are often great souvenir items that are found at local stores. If you wish to flaunt a cuff bracelet, it is best not to wear any other kind of fashion jewelry that might take the attention away from the jewelry and the look that it gives to the wearer. For these reasons, cuff bracelets are usually popular among men.