Diesel Advanced Chronograph Black Dial Ion Plated DZ4223 Mens Watch


Diesel is known for its bold, big and brave watch sizes and though it might seem some have more bells and whistles than a steam engine, this 'Advanced' chronograph stands as a stark contrast to the statement. The Diesel Advanced Chronograph Mens Watch us all business and an understated style, despite its bold design, wide bracelet and a high-tech function. All these elements get together to make Diesel stand out in more than one way, which makes you plunge into its uniqueness for many years to come.

The Diesel Mens Watch has a cutting edge, youthful but matured design. It's free from frills and gimmicks, with only the essential features that make for a watch of substance. It's reliable, accurate, durable and precise in its measurement of time, fitting into an active lifestyle with ease. A combination of futuristic thinking with a contemporary urban flair, the Dial Ion Plated DZ4223 has something to attract everyone.

The Diesel Dial Mens Watch lives up to the excellence and reputation the brand has earned over all these years. The vivid design suits all tastes; it's essentially masculine and unmistakably noticeable. Agreed that it can't split seconds to thousandth parts of them but what it offers is very much suitable when your adrenalin is on the turf. Or, when tyres are burning on the tarmac and you want to record the time of your favourite rider/driver yourself. It's a chronograph that can keep track of everything in a modern, urban life, its smooth outlook blending in with formal atmospheres where wearing an inconspicuously tech-looking accessory is just impolite. You must look elegant and intriguing and the Diesel Advanced Chronograph Black Watch just grants you that look.

The metal bracelet is striking and is suitable for all sorts of urban affairs. It complements the bold face design well; the exquisite workmanship rather creates a work of art suiting several tastes and lifestyles.

In short, the Diesel Master Chief Chronograph Black DZ4223 Mens Watch is a very attractive, well crafted piece of functional accessory with a fit and finish that competes with much more expensive brands. The large case is striking not because of its size but its construction and finish. The lume is descent but not as bright as the divers'. The white tip on the total black hands make reading time easy and also makes a cool fashion statement and is a sharp, unconventional contrast to the usual norm. If you want to make a rugged fashion statement, look no further than the Diesel Mens Watch.