Diamond Wedding Rings And The Bond Of Love


Getting married has to be one of the most complex ranges of emotions you will ever put your body through. When you first become engaged, you are excited and happy. When you begin planning your wedding, it could prove to be very stressful. Once you have conquered all of the planning and make it to your wedding day, it will likely be very hectic. After the wedding, you will go on a honeymoon where you will be relaxed and ready to begin the new chapter in your life of being husband and wife. There is no better feeling of relief as when you slip the diamond wedding rings on one another's fingers as you exchange your vows in front of your friends and family. The entire process from start to finish is certainly a rollercoaster ride filled with ups and downs. You know you will have a lasting and healthy marriage if you can get through these trying times together, and remain even more in love than ever.

The wedding rings you will exchange on that special day symbolize the love you share. These rings are the material possession that shows the world you are joined with another person in holy matrimony. It is also a display reminder for yourself that you have chosen to spend and share your life with your best friend and soul mate. It was thought for many years that the wedding band was worn on the ring finger on the left hand because that specific finger contained a vein that led straight to your heart. Since you are becoming husband and wife and getting married, you would want to keep that material symbol of your marriage close to your heart. The ring finger of the left hand was thought to contain the vena amoris (vein of love), but modern science has since proven that theory wrong. Although there is not a vein in your left ring finger that goes straight to your heart, the tradition is still alive and thriving.

You may want to jazz up your rings a little bit by adding diamonds. There is nothing wrong with wanting a little bling in your life. Diamond wedding rings are increasing in popularity and certainly let everyone know that you have great taste. This is certainly a time in your life when you can express your creativity and unique style choices because it is all about you and the person you love.