Designs And Quality Dazzles As Engagement Rings


Diamond has always been a source of attraction for everyone. And for girls, it stands to be their first love. Its dazzle is really loved and the lustrous shine has made people its fan. When it comes to the matter of engagement ceremony, beautified engagement rings holds prime importance for all.

With the changing trends in the jewellery world, there are numerous designs that have made their mark in the industry. The rings carved with much finesse have always been a talk of the town. Basically stating, diamond rings are worth investing because of the exceptional quality and scintillating designs.

Types of Engagement Rings:

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But, with diamonds sparkling around, it is the beauty lying in the hands of the jewellery designer. Articulated with exotic style and pattern, these engagement rings exemplify scintillating beauty.

These days, the patterns are getting modified with the change in demand of buyers. Opting for traditional ones to authentically artistic, the designs of engagement ring varies a lot and the shape of diamond studded in it.

  • Solitaire rings are quite in popularity because a single piece of diamond is beautified with smaller sized stone. Starting from 15 cents, the solitaires can go up in the matter of size.
  • Traditionally royal designs are worth consideration because they are evergreen and live up to the buyer's needs. Grandness is expressive of the choice of thematic background adding value to the professional website.
  • Rings that are designed by keeping in it the latest trend have always been appreciated because of the unique factor in them.

Apart from diamonds, sapphire is another choice as a part of rings meant for engagement. More often, they are surrounded by smaller sized diamonds. Beautiful rings, either it is the diamond ring or sapphire beauty, replicate the feelings within more than what status one is having. Since engagement is one of the most important events of a couple's life and rings associated with it are highly cherished. This is the reason that women and men prefer wearing trendy patterns.

Adding a pinch of colored gemstones can also be an idea to augment the charm of an occasion. This is the reason that people are always on a look out for quality stuff as it is one such gift that has to be cherished for life.

At present, platinum engagement rings are quite popular. A very composed metal, nearly every woman falls for platinum as its cost turns out to be more than the gold. On the other side of the coin, men also like such rings and tend to prefer a simple design or a band with diamonds studded in it. No matter what is the reason, rings made out of platinum have always a part of the choice. Goldenet has an exclusive collection of diamond rings perfect for your partner take a look today!!