Custom Hip Hop Chains Luxurious And Glamorous Accessories


Hip hop artists and rappers would never be caught dead without their chains-it's their signature. Pendant and the stones often come secondary to glamorous chains that elevate even the plain shirt-and-jeans look to new levels of luxury. Custom hip hop chains scream wealth and success. If you are looking to get your own, here are some popular options:


  • Tennis chain – If you are all about the bling, the tennis chain is right for you. The links of this type of chain have precious stones, usually diamonds or crystals.
  • Cuban chain – This type of chain is commonly worn by artists of Spanish or Mexican-decent. Even if the Cuban chain is untwisted, the links still have a natural curve.
  • The rosary – Have you noticed some rappers wearing iced out rosaries around their necks? You can have one made just for you.
  • These three types of hip hop chains are the most popular, but there are many other chains that you can purchase online. More importantly, there are online sellers who have their manufacturing facilities to cater to those looking for custom hip hop chains. Now you can request for chains that look exactly like the ones worn by your favorite artist or something you saw offered by a designer. Most celebrities and artists spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their hip hop chains, but you don't have to spend the same amount to deck out your look.

    If you want to have your own luxurious and glamorous accessories, the most important thing to do is to find a reputable seller or manufacturer. See how long the shop has been in the hip hop chains or jewelry business. It also helps if they have social media accounts that you can check out. Be sure to read what other customers have to say about their products and services. Another thing to check is if they offer returns and exchanges. If they do, it means they stand by the quality of their work.

    If your goal is to make your custom hip hop chains, look for a good design online or draw your own. Make sure to have a clear picture or image of the custom hip hop chains that you want. You should also have exact details like the materials to be used and the size of the chains. While you are at it, add a matching pendant or bracelet to your custom hip hop chains to complete your ensemble.