Cushion Diamonds A Good Investment


The appeal of a cushion cut diamond comes from the fact that it is one of the oldest shapes which ever came around. A typical cushion cut diamond will have that vintage appearance which makes it so unique and have that almost venerable quality. In the past this diamond almost went extinct and was only rarely acquired through special auctions or even at estate sales events. Thankfully, they have made a comeback and how! They are as popular as ever with customers who know the value in the cushion diamonds and how their shape brings out a sense of dignity and aristocracy. As much as they are in demand they are still not as easily available as the round brilliants.

In comparison to the modern cuts which are all sparkles, cushions are not that brilliant. Cushions are mostly appealing to collectors who value their attributes which is mainly in the way they are cut in the old fashioned way giving them that old time elegance. Buyers who are looking for fiery sparkling diamonds with edgy cuts would probably shun the cushion diamonds but buyers interested in investing some money, should definitely check the cushion out. High quality cushions are sorted after by investors for their price.

If you are an investor and looking for cushion cut diamonds or even an avid collector who wants to own a cushion diamond, you need to know how to recognize them. One typical characteristic of the cushion is that it is less brilliant than its counterparts. The grade which is recommended should not be lower than “Good” since if you go below that, it will really dull in appearance since the cushion shape is not optimized for sparkles. Feel free to ask for the grading of the diamond to be sure since an investment is not a gift, you will want to cash out on this later on.

On top of the grading of the diamond, another important aspect to consider is the clarity rating. It has been noticed that some cushions with ratings below VS2 have a kind of dull appearance. On the other hand, some SI1-2-rated cushions can still appear clear enough to the eye. Again, when in doubt go have a look at the certificate of the diamond to find out if clarity will eventually cause a problem or not. You need also to be a wise buyer if you do not feel comfortable assessing your diamonds yourself go for a professional advisor.