Cremation Pendants And Necklaces Have Become Popular Nowadays


Necklaces for ashes, as the word itself explaining these Necklaces are a means of holding or preserving the cremation ashes of loved ones as their remembrance, after the death. Almost in all the civilisations, there has been a practice in the human society to preserve the cremation remaining or ashes for the long time after the death of a person. In the ancient time this purpose was used to be solved with the help of some round shaped metallic pots or vases called burial or funerary Urns. Besides the ashes of deceased loved ones, people used to keep the important body parts also in these metallic pots or vases.

How the trend of cremation jewellery evolved?

With the time passed these old ash preserving pots or Urns where replaced by some other kind of containers which were made up of some eco-friendly materials. Later on to make this practice of preserving cremation ashes more memorable and tributary people started to hold these ashes with or within their personal belongings. They started to hold these ashes into the form of their jewellery. This was the time when necklace for ashes or pendants for ashes came into the practice.

To make the practice of holding the ashes of loved ones more memorable, in the modern times people have started to keep them in portable means. They have started to make their jewelleries having a part of cremation ashes infused inside. The ashes are mixed with the molten Gold, Silver or even stainless steel also to make memorializing jewelleries in the form of Necklaces or Pendants. These necklaces are used to be made up of even glass also with crystal clear and transparent layer of cremation ashes of the dead loved ones infused inside. Such Necklaces are designed as per the likes of deceased ones or in some special shape or look close to them. Sometimes other ceremonial items such as flowers or just a piece of hair or very small piece of photograph also locked inside to be visible from outside of the transparent glass pendants.

Preserving cremation ashes

One more practice has become popular and trendy of keeping a small part of the cremation ashes in a small shaped chamber or compartment attached or fixed with such necklaces or pendants. These compartments where ashes are held are designed in the form of some special symbols such as some religious symbols, in the shape of anything close to deceased loved ones. In some cases where more than one loved one has passed away, the photographs of both the deceased are locked along with a small part of the cremation ash in a heart shaped chamber or compartment attached with necklaces. Small and beautiful pendants for ashes are also available; they are work with necklaces and look really astonishing.


These necklaces for ashes or Pendants become a great symbol of remembrance of the deceased loved ones forever and most importantly one can always carry it with him/her. This memorable symbol provides a kind of attachment to the people with their dead loved ones. In most of the cases they are handed over to generation after generation as a symbol of remembrance. Due to rising trend the market related to making of such cremation jewellery is growing speedy.