Cremation Jewelry Inviting Solace During Grief


A necklace and an ash pendant help a lot during your grieving process in case you recently lost your loved one. Such stylish and functional items are designed to enable you to carry a small portion of ashes along with you.

Keepsake jewelry – available in wide types

Memorial keepsake jewelry items like pendants, necklaces etc. are available in a wide range of designs, shapes and materials. It is not at all a piece of cake to lose your loved one. But the introduction of some special type of jewelry will enable you to have a small part of your deceased will you round the clock.

People have been using this methodology of keeping their loved ones after demise for years. The concept is highly versatile as it allows easy incorporation of individual taste, religious beliefs and personality within the design. Keeping the memory of your deceased loved ones is not too new!

Cremation pendants – special type of jewelry

Though urns were among usual means to hold ashes, people are on their way to discover some special type of jewelry items like cremation pendants, necklace and many more. Wearing of a tasteful cum sentimental item that holds a portion of ashes enables the wearer to feel close to the person even after they are not physically alive.

In these modern days, keepsake jewelry is taking over from the traditional type of urn for ashes. The urns have been in high demand as cremation id outranking burial at a fast rate for obvious reasons. They are available in various shapes and sizes and still hold a place in our modern society.

Necklace urns along with cremation keepsake items

You may choose to go with necklace urns along with other cremation keepsake items. Necklace urns come in all shapes, forms, styles and designs. Whether you are looking for the one in a shape of heart, cross, flower or whatever; you may be assured of finding whatever you are looking for.

They are manufactured by taking into usage a variety of materials that may range from pewter with gold. They can be easily emblazoned and decorated with both precious as well as semi-precious stones. Some also have high space for a photograph of the loved ones as well, enabling further memorializing the deceased.

Bring solace during grief

Due to enhanced popularity and demand for cremation pendants, you may choose from a variety of items. You may also go for bracelets, cufflinks and rings. Some may hold a small amount of ashes, lock of hair, and a piece of cloth or even a dried flower. The point is to personalize the items in an appropriate manner, thus making it significant to the wearer.

Even if the ashes of the deceased are to be scattered or buried, perhaps in a garden; keeping a small portion housed in a secured manner into jewelry. This will help to bring solace during the time of grief hence allowing the wearer to feel close to the person who passed on. You may find a wide number of online websites that offer these items.