Creating Exclusive Wooden Jewelry With Decals


Jewelers today are looking beyond the traditional metals and coming up with interesting materials that are finding patronage among today's customers

Creating exclusive pendant jewelry with wooden beads and decals can be real fun. You need to find a supplier of fine hardwood shapes. You can experiment with decals, if you find it difficult to paint detailed designs on small wood pieces. You can get a variety of pendant designs online. The clear laser water-slide decal paper can work well with black and white laser printers. You can even create more eye-catching designs with an inkjet or a color laser printer. Make sure that you have the right decal paper for your printer.

Here's how you can go about your work.

First get your chosen pendant designs online. Next, print a sheet of some “ganged designs” on plain paper and cut out each design to ensure that each item fits perfectly. This will ensure that each print on the expensive paper is perfect sans any wastage.

After you have printed the decal paper, spray clear acrylic paint over it (lightly). This will make the decal further durable, even if you need to reposition it sometimes. The acrylic should not affect the printer toner. Some paints have chemicals that make the toner output a different color.

There are many other pendant designs online decals available. These can be “baked” on a smooth porcelain surface and are more permanent than the “water slide” decals. You can try them on some porcelain mugs. The result will surely surprise you.

If you live in a place where the weather is very dry, you may find that decal paper is not printing correctly. Static electricity of the printer toner can smear the output, leading to wastage. You can call the decal customer support to solve the problem. But the most common solution is to get a humidifier. But what to you do if you don't have one? Try putting the decal sheet in your freezer for about 10 minutes. It will print perfectly. In fact, you can call the decal customer support and tell them about your discovery and surprise them with your findings.

Many seasoned jewelers are venturing into non-traditional jewelries and experimenting with various materials other than the traditional metals like gold and silver. The idea of making jewelry out of common materials and most often they qualify as junk jewelry. But junk jewelry isn't really junk. It's only that the materials are freely available. Just get some pendant designs online and get going crafting your wood with decals.