Citizen Promaster Sky Eco Drive NightHawk Pilot BJ701024W Rich Wellbuilt Interesting


The Citizen Nighthawk is nothing new to the watch-men out there who like it in terms of affordability; a good design and its overall value. The Nighthawk delivers in many ways that many other more expensive watches don't. The Citizen Promaster Pilot BJ7010-24W is a very full-featured watch that can be a tool for pilots and travellers, but there could be many other reasons why it appears so very tempting.

The overall look of the Citizen Sky Eco Drive NightHawk Pilot is rugged and aggressive, with aircrafts lending generously to its unique looks. But, it does not distract; neither does it feel overly finessed. But, the dial (and the internal slide rule bezel) is very intensely information-laden but nothing bewilders. Fuel and volume, time versus distance conversions – everything comes easy within this visually dense and complicated area. The best part is. You can ignore it when you want to simply tell the time.

The Citizen Drive NightHawk Pilot BJ7010-24W has useful complications and features. It has a distinctive look, a solid build; it's amazingly water resistant and runs on solar power. Charge it fully and you can wear it for 180 days without giving it any light in between. The electric storage unit, so far, has never been reported against.

Forget for a while that it is a cool looking watch. Look beyond its GMT hand, its slide-rule and its Eco-Drive technology, you have a watch that leaves people wondering with its quite different dial. However, all those markings on the dial and the chapter ring around it can actually be useful in the daily life. You can track a second time zone, do moderately complex divisions and multiplications with the slide rule and also convert various units to another. You are also relieved from the burden of battery changes.

The Citizen Automatic has two crowns; one that operates the internal bezel and the other, for time setting functions. Straight, knurled and chunky, they are well-set between crown-guards and offer excellent grip with visual pleasures. They are smooth to work with; their screw-down nature (like the etched case-back) facilitating the 200m water resistance.

At 41mm, the Nighthawk is acceptable to all! A stainless steel case with a lightly brushed finish and a very pronounced, outer bezel housing an internal slide rule, it makes you think the case is taller than the actual 12.5mm height. A unique form with a harsh geometry of strong facets, the Drive Chronograph NightHawk Pilot BJ7010-24W is interesting due to its aviation roots and maybe also because it is a different-looking sports watch more unique and modern than the rest in the price range.