Citizen Diver Depth Meter Promaster Cyber Aqualand Jv002004e Mens Watch


Professional, amateur or recreational, the Citizen Diver Depth Meter Promaster Cyber Aqualand Mens Watch suits all! Ideal for teaching the nitty-gritty of diving to any newbie, there's simply not another better watch in the price range for non-decompression diving.

Rugged and handsome, the Citizen Diver Depth Meter Promaster Aqualand JV020-04E Mens Watch is pretty large but lightweight and feels comfortable on the wrist. The care taken to fill in the small details is remarkable.

As far as the display is concerned, the Citizen Diver Meter Promaster Cyber Aqualand Watch undoubtedly features one of the best and perhaps the best within the price category. Whether you are diving during the day or at night, the electro-luminescence backlighting feature will leave nothing left to guesswork. Even the display of data for the watch has been thought out very carefully. For example, the current depth shown on the LCD screen switches position with the movement of the large hand that indicates total dive time in Dive Mode, making the depth information always visible. As a backup, the smaller orange hand also shows the depth in an analogue format.

Being solar powered, the Citizen Diver Depth Meter Promaster Cyber JV0020-04E Mens Watch is probably the best option you can go far within a restricted budget. Despite being a tool for diving, you can also wear it with your regular casual and semi-formal attires.

The titanium build of the watch case is another point that makes the Citizen Diver Depth Promaster Cyber Aqual-and JV0020-04E Mens Watch score high. Titanium is both lighter and stronger than ordinary stainless steel, so both you and your movements are absolutely well-protected under the water.

The Citizen Eco-Drive Aviator Meter Promaster Cyber Aqualand JV0020-04E Mens Watch is a must before you head for a dive trip, for it will provide you with both basic and advanced information during the dives. Think of it as a dive computer minus the size and complexities that logs up to 20 dives with the dive computer kind of accuracy.

A great thing about the Citizen Eco Drive Chronograph Promaster Aqualand JV0020-04E Mens Watch is it automatically switches to the Dive Mode when you go in the water and starts logging the dive. When you are done, it will automatically reset itself and prepare for the next. From the log, you can find out easily the maximum depth you went into; water temperature and the duration of the dive. And these are just the essentials. Additionally, it will also mark the date, the time zone and the starting time of the dive.

The Citizen Diver Depth Meter Aqualand JV0020-04E Mens Watch gives out a very audible warning beep if you are ascending too quickly to the surface, which means, if you already got a dive computer, this one will suffice as the most appropriate backup instrument.