Citizen Chronograph AN3400 58e Mens Watch A Precise And Reliable Choice In Its Every Aspect


The bottom line: The Citizen Chronograph Mens Watch is a wonderfully straight forward, great quartz chronograph that's supremely easy to wear, view and operate.

The Citizen Chronograph Mens Watch is not a piece that you might call absolutely eye-catching, stunning or fashionable, but there's no doubt it's vivid in its own way! Just so much that it demands attention. And it ensures one will stay dressed (unless in boxers) to the nines under its influence.

The magic of getting everything together covertly is an art very well performed by the Citizen Mens Watch. It combines a few vintage-inspired style elements with superior functionality, resulting from a highly-accurate Japanese quartz movement thrown in. It is safe in water till 300 feet (near about 95 meters), so you get a useful accessory fit for wet-events. The chronograph, luminous hands and the l-o-o-n-g slit date display are pretty much visible; they make evident the use of high-grade craftsmanship.

To everyone, it's the case and the crystal that matter first. Citizen kept that in mind and made it slender – between 10mm and 11mm in thickness and 41mm and 42 mm in diameter. It's 316L, surgical grade stainless steel – but that's not the thing. The thing is – the architecture makes the slender stainless steel appear brawny; the raised bezel and crown guards got big parts to play. Fitting and feeling more like watches that measure a couple millimetres short; the thick, solid bracelet is also responsible for that.

The flat mineral crystal; however, is usual stuff. It's strong and hard and adds greatly to the overall durability of the Citizen Chronograph Mens Watch. The polished case-back bears the standard Citizen Eco-Drive logo – surrounded by watch-stats, it's fair to the eyes.

The solidity of the steel used also shows through the chronograph pushers, the knurled crown and the bezel with engraved numerals. The pushers and the crown are the non-screw types; but all three got a firm feel. Their feedbacks are pleasing and confident. The crown guards add fullness to the whole setup.

The grey dial takes different colours when held under bright lights, ranging from dark gray to dark green. Its military/utilitarian style with printed markings (mostly) and lume dots placed at every hour-marker is also for times that demand muscles to be put behind a job.

Agreed Citizen is all about Eco Drive but that makes battery-driven quartz watches a rarity among the Citizen line-up. The Citizen Mens Watch is the good old kind traditional quartz with a chronograph movement that differs from an Eco-Drive on the aspect of lacking a light re-charged battery with provisions for charging it. The cost is, therefore; significantly lower. It is impeccably accurate – even the chronograph timing – and sets a prime example of how you can do it right.