Choosing The Perfect Type Of Jewellery For Your Face Cutting


How you look in your jewellery depends entirely upon how your face is shaped. Everybody has a different kind of facial structure and therefore the jewellery we wear has to be specifically in sync with our features. Also it must be noted that the perfect jewellery depends on what attire we wear. Here we have a few tips to help you choose the perfect jewellery for your facial features.

Jewellery for round faced women

Overall and round faces do not go perfectly well with heavy jewellery. It makes you look even fatter and your face even more round. Linear shapes and thin jewellery is more suitable for oval faced women. If you wear a nose ring, choose one that is small and does not overshadow your features. Small earrings and small are perfect in giving your face a toned look. Take the focus away from your round face, accessorise with a V shaped necklace. Apart from taking the focus away from your round face, this will also create a continuity of accessories from your nose to your neck down to your wrists.

Jewellery for dark complexion women

Women is dark complexion can look stunningly beautiful if they choose their jewellery right. It is highly advisable to invest in Diamond jewellery instead of cheap imitation, artificial gold or synthetic stones. Also, if you're dark in complexion to note that moderation in accessorising will make you look good rather than when you wear a lot of jewelry. As a side note, here's a tip regarding make-up – don't overdo your foundation to look fair!

General tips on other jewellery and accessories

Always choose a matching colour if you are into wearing traditional Indian dresses. For example saris, lehenga choli and salwar kameez look even good when you select bangles and necklaces in matching colours. Traditional dresses look even prettier with jewellery that have precious stones, diamonds or other beautiful stones in it. In fact Diamond jewellery compliments an any dress – traditional or modern.

With casualwear such as top, skirts, jeans – wear simple glass bangles or stone studded necklaces. Colourful glass jewellery matches very well wait skirts and tops and it will give you a very fancy and stylish get up. Fabric bracelets on the wrists is counting among teenage girls and looks quite fashionable with shorts, skirts, tops and palazzos. Personal gold and diamond jewelry sets look very beautiful new when you have traditionally dresses on as well as when you have a simple evening dress on.