Choosing The Best Teething Necklaces For Your Infant


Bead necklaces are quite popular nowadays to help mothers with teething. They are available in a number of stores and even online on websites like Amazon. The prices may vary. You have the high quality BEBE Designer Teething Necklaces and you have poor quality teething necklaces as well. Teething necklaces make for a great gift for baby showers. They come in a number of different materials and styles.

Even though their benefits in general aren't disputed, since they became so popular, there has been a long list of alternatives which have entered the market. These alternatives may be cheaper but they certainly don't follow the same safety guidelines that silk nylon teething necklaces follow.

The problem with amber teething necklaces

One of the biggest problems with something like amber necklaces is that the beads are very small and the baby may choke on them. These necklaces certainly are a hazard for babies younger than three years.

The size of the beads aren't the only problem. The beads may shatter too. If they splinter into multiple pieces, they could get lodged in the baby's respiratory tract or get inhaled or swallowed.

The necklaces pose a strangulation risk as well. They are worn around the neck of the baby and may cause trouble if not handled properly.

You shouldn't be lulled into a false sense of security just because they are fashionable and look cute.

What makes it even worse is that there is no research to show how amber necklaces are more effective or safer. In fact, there are researchers who have suggested that they don't work at all.

The solution: Silicone makes for the best teething necklace

They are a much safer alternative.

The beads are made from silicone and they aren't as easy to break and won't shatter unless put under extreme pressure.

They do not contain any harmful substances like BPA either. It is FDA approved and is made from silicone. It is free from any toxins too.

They can provide instant teething relief to infants. It is also great for gum massaging.

They can also help stimulate motor, visual and sensory development.

They are very effective against drooling and teething pain.

They are machine washable and freezer friendly.


If you are thinking of getting teething jewelry for your baby then you need to make sure you thoroughly scrutinize it before making a purchase. Read online reviews and be sure that you are buying a necklace which is 100% safe. This is the health and well-being of your baby that is in question here.