Choose Round Brilliant Cut For Maximum Dazzle


Round brilliant cut is one of the most easily recognisable and popular ring as well. Of all the diamond rings available, round brilliant diamond rings accounts for seventy five percent of all the diamonds in the world. The fire and the sparkle of this cut is simply unmatched and that is the reason behind this popularity. Optically, this is the most efficient diamond rings for any diamond. This cut has been developed by Marcel Tolkowsky in early 1900 century. This is the most preferred diamond cut for the buyers today with princess diamond rings coming a distant second.

Round brilliant cut is an advanced version of an old wedding bands called European wedding bands which was considered to be the most efficient cut for diamonds in the 18th century. That wedding bands was introduced in the middle of the 17th century and was known as double ring. They used to have 17 facets which is pretty much below the standards of today as a round cut has no less than 58 facets. A Venetian diamond cutter worked and improved this wedding bands. The number of facets increased to thirty three and the diamond rings was known as triple ring. However, the bruting technology was not invented then and thus the cut was dull, compared to the diamond rings of today. In bruting technique, two diamonds are set of opposite axles and then rotated in opposite directions. This abrasion gives them both rounded edges. The Peruzzi or the triple cut was a considerable improvement from Double rings diamonds as the sparkle of the stone increased considerably. This gave way to the Old European cut which had even more facets, had rounded corners and a shallower pavilion. This is the father of round brilliant cuts.

If properly executed, the round brilliant cut is designed to give the maximum exposure to light, increasing the fire and the beauty of the stone. No wonder that round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings are the most preferred diamond ring by many loving hearts. They are also used in the stud earrings and pendants. The brilliant cut doesn't disturb the natural crystal shape of diamonds and thus the wastage due to cutting is also very minimal. Due to the excessive shine, a round brilliant cut diamond actually gives the illusion of being larger than it really is. Thus, a diamond which is lower is carat size can satisfy the need which is often very important as the cost of diamonds is not very low.