Celebrate This Holi Season With VelvetCase


Come this Holi season you will see the entire nation wrapped in colours of joy, dancing without missing even a single opportunity to have fun. The festival is mostly celebrated over two days; on the first day, bonfires are lit in the evening but the real fun starts on the second day when people play with colours.

The bonfires are burnt to symbolize the burning of 'Holika', demon-king Hiranyakashipu's sister who was decimated in a futile attempt to kill Prahalad, a Lord Vishnu devotee. On the other hand, the association of colours with the festival is in memory of the fact that Lord Krishna used to play Holi with His friends at Vrindavan using colours. Today, ranging from the traditional pink to others, people all over the country celebrate the festival with a multitude of colours.

And as the festival of colours, Holi, fast approaches we can't help but notice the resemblance that this popular festival has with VelvetCase. While Holi is celebrated by a multitude of people across the country using a variety of colours, VelvetCase with its variety of collections meets the jewellery demands of the entire nation. With the e-commerce sector growing at the rate of knots, a huge number of online sellers have emerged in the past decade, especially in the jewellery domain; VelvetCase is one such player that has picked up astonishing pace in the past few years.

In the recently held 42nd edition of India Gems & Jewellery

But this Holi, it is the colours on offer at VelvetCase thatl leave you mesmerized. From blue topaz to lemon quartz and red ruby to purple amethyst, the colourful stones could not match the spirit of Holi better. Check out these and many more at the exclusive Colours of Holi collection that VelvetCase brings to you this Holi to make it even more colourful.