Casio Tough Solar Edifice Mens Watch The Performers Watch From Utopia


Perhaps the greatest USP of the Casio Tough Men's Watch is its capability of displaying 1/1000th of a second through its stopwatch function, but it will hold little meaning to us average people if the aesthetics fail to please. How much ever we say that beauty fades before strength, fact remains, in that case, there will be only a few takers. Casio is intelligent enough to make instruments look like highly fashionable accessories and with the EQS-1100DB, they threw in a dual-layer face and earned applauds from both the professional and fashionable crowds.

The Casio Tough Men's Watch is your definite choice if you like ultramodern and precise instruments with tons of sporty touches into them. It's the kind of watch that will conceal its real capabilities till you want to flaunt them on purpose. However, if you don't want to go that deep, let it suffice to say that chronographs are always a weak spot for men and this Edifice chronograph men's watch is capable of fulfilling the highest demands.

It's the latest technologies and newest functions that have gone into the Casio Men's Watch, making it both sporty and beautiful. Casio has used some of the classic sportive elements into this watch, preparing a bridge that connects the accustomed looks with a futuristic point of view, making the Tough Solar Edifice EQS-1100DB-1AV EQS-1100DB-1 Men's Watch destined for perfectionists and winners!

Everything about the Casio Men's Watch – from its exterior design to its intricately functional 3D dial-design is unique in its representation of speed through intelligence. Its black IP solid stainless steel bezel unites seamlessly with the face, the case and the band; it exudes a precise assurance of balance between fashion and usability. The two-layered installation of the dial plates adds the necessary depth to bring forth a sporty dynamism while the high-speed LSI processing (it makes the 5 independent stepper motors work amazingly fast; especially, when it comes to switching functions) allows highly precise and speedy performance of the watch functions. Truly a timepiece that makes every bit of the concept of 'Speed and Intelligence' to come alive!

The two disk-indicators on the dial of the Casio Men's Watch evoke a racing image; they resemble the car-wheel and disc-brake patterns. The two small hands at the 2-o'clock dial shows the minutes and the one-second increments while the central hand displays the seconds. The other dial at the 9'o clock position displays finer splits however, it will be displayed after the total stopwatch measurement completes. You may stretch the counting to 23'59.999″; which means, it's a 24-hour chronograph! That makes it ideal also for those into R&D jobs.

The Casio Men's Watch is operable till 300 feet underwater and alerts you beforehand if the solar-power storage battery runs low; which is impossible unless you haven't taken it out in the Sun for a couple of years at a stretch. But to top everything else, it also packs in a full auto-calendar (date-display) and a 29 Time Zone World Time display and its very hard finding out both a chronograph and world-time function within a single unit!