Casio Edifice Chronograph Tachymeter EF558SG1AV Mens Watch


The Casio Edifice Chronograph Tachymeter Mens Watch is a stark contrast to what most of the people think about Casio. It is much more elegant and gorgeous to look at and offers more practicality than most of the watches within the same price range. To grasp its meaning properly, take a close look into the picture.

The Casio Edifice Mens Watch brings some amazing micro-work, readily viewable from the dial itself. The combinations are perfectly placed on the dial and so are all the mechanisms under it. The functions (time, 5-hours chronograph, day and date) are extremely easy to read despite the busy impression on its face and the Tachymeter markings are prominent. Add it with a true 100 meters of water resistance and you are ready for the show in the wilds or on the wild tracks. Rain, dust or mud – you got a piece of equipment that will bear all the hardship you can bring it. Besides, its intricate, luxurious design makes it an apt fit for the high-flown parties and gatherings that often confuse people about what to put on their wrist.

The Tachymeter EF-558SG-1AV Mens Watch is one of the limited editions Casio introduced in its gold-tone Edifice collection. It's powered by a SR927W battery with a life of 5 years. If quartz watches creeped you out so far, the long battery life is going to bring back the peace of your mind.

Key features include:

a. A satiny gloss, metallic shine far more pleasant than brightly shining stainless steel.

b. Steel band toned with a golden finish.

c. Black-gold dial makes for a unique and prominent watch face, making it easy for the user to read the info.

d. A refined and advanced design at par (if not ahead) of the latest styles.

The Casio Edifice Mens Watch is a keeper and is meant for the long haul. Not just only because of the features but also for the beautiful golden accents and the futuristic dial. The sunken, dark background gives out a metallic lustre that combines classic elements with a modern style.

The Casio Edifice Watch also offers something else which is hard to find within the price range; it's a screwed-down crown, which all the more ensures that it's safe to be used in extreme humidity and when a dip into the pool is in your mind.

Overall, a watch that oozes quality, feels heavy (not cumbersome) and also looks very expensive. If you are to give an edgy touch to your regular casual look, the Casio Edifice Mens Watch is going to get you all you need for a complete look!