Can You Feel Shell Jewelry


Early humans strung mollusk shells together to make jewelry at least 75,000 years ago. Archaeologists say the discovery of the Stone Age shell beads hint that people has advanced concepts of symbolism and language earlier than anyone realized. Even in those ages, it was fashionable to create wear shell jewelry. A little imagination and some effort can create exquisite jewelry.

Making shell jewelry is not as easy as it seems. The tiny shells are first collected & if the shells are seasonal, months are spent grouping a reasonable quantity. Shells have been collected and strung into necklaces to embellish royalty and to be worn at special ceremonies such as wedding and funerals. Also usually almost every shell has a minute rock or piece of sand that must be removed before piercing. One of them shell is known as seashells and they are the exoskeleton such as snails, clams, oysters and these shells, unlike typical animal structures, are not made up of cells.

Innumerable varieties of shells & shell jewelry are to be found all over the world. One by one, thousands of shells are prepared with a minute needle and one out of five is discarded due to some imperfection. Exotic colors emanate from the mother-of-pearl nacre of abalone and paua mollusk. These sea reef and rock creatures build the shells as they grow with rings of colors gray, blue, green, pink and gold.

Do you know, the Shiva Shell is known by its alternate names Pacific Cat's Eye and Shiva Eye? It is actually a protective covering which lies at the maw of the shell of Turban snail. It symbolizes the creation, destruction and preservation of all the flows of life, spiritual knowledge and the constant change towards the creative visualization. Eye of Shiva is an ultimate stone for the Third Eye. We examine the outside world and ourselves, interpret that we discover. We are aware of the universe and ourselves through the Brow Chakra. This chakra interprets this world. It regulates the flow of power inside the torso. The gemstone jewelry is worn mainly for two motives- firstly for gaining the advantages of the powers and properties associated with the charm and secondly for following the jewelry trend. Today, the gemstone embellished jewel pieces are much popular and cherished by most of the people. Not only the females but males also love to wear stone jewels.