Buying From A Diamond Jewelry Store With Unique Designer Collections


Diamond jewelry is classic, timeless, romantic. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring, a necklace, bracelet, or diamond earrings, you want your jewelry to be unique. Your jewelry makes a statement about you and you want others to notice it. We think of jewelry as a very personal and sentimental expression of style.

We've been creating jewelry and working with jewelry creators for years. It's given us the ability to find or make just the right piece for each person who comes into our store or comes to our site. What's your style? What's your passion? What types of jewelry make you happy and how can we help you feel extra special?

Diamond jewelry store that goes beyond the ordinary

At our store, for example, our designer, Pam Gauthier, often uses a very advanced computer-aided jewelry design program to create the design, after we have had an in-depth conversation with the person for whom the piece is being designed (or the person who is buying the piece, such as an engagement ring, for a loved one). Our in-house design process is overseen by Pierre Plante, third generation of jewelers in his family, who holds a Bachelors of Fine Art in Sculpture. Pierre is also an expert gemologist who can help you learn about gemstones and choose the most beautiful one for you.

The art of designing jewelry very much resembles that of fine sculpture. The principles of design include balance, proportion, contrast, unity, harmony, movement, and emphasis. A sculpture, like Michelangelo's David, has balance showing the beauty of the human form with proportions leading the eye to harmony. The jewelry pieces designed here at Plante follow the same principles. In this Vintage Style Indicolite Tourmaline Pendant you can see contrast in the stunning colored gem, emphasis in the diamond drop, and harmony in the light open twirls of white gold.

We have combed the world for unique jewelry designs, and are very pleased with the collections we now carry.

Susan Mahlstedt creates pieces that reflect a mix of nature and architecture, as she alters the very nature of the silver and diamonds and other gemstones. Chi Galatea Huynh does an amazing job with sculptured pearls; he actually uses a gemstone as the basis of the pearl (the “grain of sand in the oyster,” so to speak), then artfully cuts away portions of the pearl to reveal the gemstone, as he has done with this pearl ring with turquoise and diamonds. Or, he sets a diamond in a pearl, as he has done here. Deborah Richardson has a gift for forging hard metals into something soft and fluid, complementing the contours of the body. Tom Kruskal utilizes his sense of music to create unique designs.

One of the services we offer is that of restyling, which presents a welcome challenge to a professional jewelry designer. Restyling jewelry can bring a wonderful new look to a precious piece that you may have owned for years. Or perhaps you have inherited a ring from a beloved relative, and although you love the connection this piece brings, it may not be your style. This is a perfect opportunity for a redesign.

As with any custom piece, we start by understanding thoroughly what you are trying to accomplish with the new piece, and the elements of the existing piece that you want to retain. We make sure your finished piece reflects your individual style and personality, while maintaining the sentimentality of the heirloom. The result is always a happy marriage between the past and the present, the old and the new, reflected in an artistic, custom, and completely unique piece.