Buy Her A Designer Engagement Rings


Finding the perfect engagement ring is probably the second most stressful thing after the proposal itself. It needs to convey your feelings for her yet it should match her personality and style so that she can wear it comfortably and every day and anywhere.

Designer engagement rings can be prescribed as the ideal solution due to the distinct design, creativity and sheer quality. Choosing the designer is difficult as there are so many different designers and each of them has their own distinct style.

Whether you prefer the elaborate style of Danhov engagement ring or a distinct Leon Popov butterfly ring sounds better to you, you need to really pinpoint one according to your taste. Let's share some common tips to consider while making the purchase decision.

Your beloved is the most unique woman in your eyes and you must find something equally unique for her. Does she prefer simple settings or is she fond of elaborate and intricate designs? A simple solitaire might be the best choice for her if former is the case and you may add other smaller stones to accentuate the effect of the stone and you can choose unusual colour of diamond if she is an outgoing type of person.

However, for the second type of personality, you need something more intricate. There are hundreds of rings with intricate swirls and large gemstones. However, you need to be little budget conscious and practical while choosing a ring. A large ring might be great for occasions but one certainly can not wear it every day. However, an engagement ring is something which your beloved might want to wear every day.

When you are looking for an engagement ring, jewellers might try to influence you by saying how wonderful it might look. They would tell you how the particular style is in trend and how much 'she' might love it. To force the decision, they also might claim the ring to the last of that style.

These lines are meant to force you to buy the particular ring. However, don't be in a hurry as you will recognise the right ring when you see it. You will get the vibes when you see the perfect style and it dazzles under the light. Until you receive that vibe, don't force yourself to buy something which the jeweller thinks is best for you. Engagement happens once in life and you must not make a mistake in hurry.