Buy Any Shape But Certified Diamonds Only


Loose diamonds are of different shapes and sizes. Each of these shapes have their unique property. There are some popular shapes, like round, oval, marquis, emerald, princess and pear shaped diamonds. When selecting a loose diamond, you must know about the characteristics of the cut so that you can make an informed choice. You can also evaluate the price of the diamond with this knowledge. Most of the times, these loose diamonds are either used to make solitaire rings or used as the centre stone. While they can singularly bring dazzle to a ring, the effect, often, is multiplied when used in tandem with other smaller stones.

The most famous shape of all would be the round brilliant cut. Four out of every five loose diamonds sold are of this particular cut. Due to maximum number of cuts and facets, they generate the maximum brilliance. This cut is, sometimes, mistakenly referred to as the American ideal cut. Rings, pendants, stud and earrings are made using this diamond.

Marquis shaped stones have equal umber of facets to the round cut. However, the pavilion can have anywhere between 4,6 or 8 facets. In fact, every time, the pavilion features in a cut, there can be different numbers in a cut. This can be noted in popular cuts like oval, pear or heart. When the crown cut is altered in a marquis cut, it is called the French tip. Marquis cut comes cheaper but is almost as brilliant as the round cut.

When choosing any pear shaped diamond, you should look for the head and the shoulders. The ideal length ratio is between 1.5 to 1.75. When worn in a ring, it tends to make the finger look longer. They are ideal for pendants and drops.

However, whenever choosing a loose diamond, irrespective of what shape you favour, choose certified diamonds and buy from a jeweller who provides the certificate. These certificates can come from various institutions but the GIA certificate is the most valued and widely used one. GIA stands for Gemologist Institute of America and is an independent body of experts who check, certify and evaluate every stone that enters the market. Not only this certificate makes sure that you are buying an authenticate diamonds but also helps you know the exact value of the same. When reselling a diamond, GIA certification helps you get a better rate. GIA certificate also tells you if there are any flaws in the diamond.