Bold Men39s Jewelry Styles


Gone are the days when men's jewelry designs were fewer in comparison to women's jewelry. Nowadays, you would find more versatile fashions under men's category or unisex category. Several branded men's jewelry designers have introduced bold and attractive patterns that are fashioned using different types of materials. Read on for some interesting styles and designs under men's jewelry fashion.

Skull bracelets

Skull bracelets may sound intimidating for those who are new to the concept. However, if you search online for skull jewelry you would come across numerous bracelet, ring, and necklace styles fashioned with skull symbols of various designs. On its introduction, skull bracelets become an instant theme among youngsters who are fond of biker jewelry. Stainless steel and titanium are two common metals that are popularly used for making skull bracelets. Under this category, you can find bracelets with chains attached to a single skull design or a hanging skull pendant. Even leather is popularly used for fashioning different types of skull jewelry. Black or brown leather bracelets with small skull beads or skull pendants are quite attractive. However, if you want something more durable then it is best to opt for a stainless steel bracelet. There are several jewelry stores that supply local as well as branded skull jewelry online at different price ranges. So you may browse online for some exciting patterns and rare designs.

Bullet bracelet

A bullet bracelet is yet another bold design that looks wicked but extremely trendy. As the name suggests this type of bracelet is fashioned using a bullet. The bullet used for making the bracelet may be real or artificial. Simple bracelets in this category contain a chain or strap bracelet attached to a bullet clasp or bullet pendant. But the popular ones are made of rows of bullets that are held together with metal or leather straps. A 9mm bullet bracelet linked together with steel or gold clasps is a great choice to make. Bracelets made of bullets stitched onto a black or brown leather strap is also a popular variety to choose from.

Biker rings

Biker rings have always been a dominating street-style fashion that represents a totally different culture. Some of the common symbols used in biker rings include emblems, cross, skulls, red Indians, snakes, eagles, monsters etc. Skull rings are quite famous under this category and you can find a wide range of simple and complex designs and patterns. However, the most popular ones include spinner rings and band rings. There are many dealers who offer biker rings and skull rings through their websites at affordable or cheap rates. However, while buying online you should consider some factors like selecting the right size and the right material.