Biggest Diamond Mines In The World


The largest diamond mines in the world have more than millions of recoverable diamonds. Of all the jewel mines in the world, Russia is home to more than half of them. Let's take a look at some of the world's largest diamond mines:


Also identified as the Yubileyny diamond mine, the Jubilee jewel mine is situated in Sakha (Yakutia), Republic of Russia. It is the largest diamond mine in the world. As of January 2013, this mine was famous for containing recoverable diamonds in an amount exceeding 153 million carats (Mct). Out of these 152 Mct, the mine also included 51Mct of possible underground reserves.

Currently operational at a depth of 320 meters, the Jubilee diamond mine is predicted to reach 720 meters eventually.


This is the second largest jewel mine in the world, and it is also situated in Yakutia. The diamond reserves of this mine are expected to be around 152 Mct.

It is one of the largest open pits in the world, and the open pit operation closed in 2014. However, underground operations are believed to continue for 30 years at least.


largest diamond mines also hails from Russia; and that too from the Yakutia region again. This region is the richest diamond source in the world. Mir, or Mirny diamond mine is an underground mine which is believed to contain more than 141 Mct of diamond reserves.


Let's travel to the Kimberley region of Australia now! This is where you will find the Argyle diamond mine. Owned by Rio Tinto, this mine has been extracting diamonds since 1983.

This open pit mine has a production output exceeding 791 Mct of diamonds since it became operational. The company claims these enormous numbers will be continued beyond 2020.


The fifth largest diamond mine caontains around 130 Mct of recoverable diamonds. This open pit mine is situated in Angola, almost 840 km from Luanda. This mine is operational since 1993, and is a joint venture of Angola, China and Brazil. This mine expected to be operational for at least next 30 years.


Located 80km from Musina in South Africa, the Venetia diamond mine is the sixth largest diamond mine in the world. As of December 2012, Venetia's diamond reserve was more than 102 Mct. It is the largest diamond mine in South Africa.


The fourth largest mine in Russia, which also happens to rank 7th on the globe, the Grib jewels mine has a diamond reserve more than 98 Mct and began commercial production in 2014. It is expected that the gold and jewel mine will start underground operations after 16 years of open pit mining procedure.


The eighth largest mine in the world in located in Botswana. In December 2012, the diamond reserve of the Jwaneng diamond mine was estimated to be around 88.3 Mct. In terms of value, Jwaneng enjoys the title of world's richest diamond mine. If we consider its contribution towards generating revenue for its parent company, Debswana, Jwaneng diamond mine's contribution stands proud at a massive 70%. Debswana is a partnership firm started by the De Beers group and Govt. of Botswana.

The mines we mentioned above have contributed the most to cater our demands and esires to have a shiny piece of diamond in our jewelry. Let's take a moment to thank the miners who work day in and day out to provide us the most beautiful object in the world.

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