Best WaterProof Watches For The Monsoon


Everyone loves the monsoon. Everything about it from the smell of the rain or the pleasant weather that comes along with it is so enjoyable. But if there's one thing on no one wants, it's all the inconvenience that constant rains brings. We've put together an article to help you avoid the disadvantage of getting everything wet by telling you the best water-proof watches for the monsoon that you need to check out. That's one less obstacle for you!

Tommy Hifiger Watch

This piece from Tommy Hilfiger matches a white dial with a brown leather strap. It also has a chronograph for all your timekeeping needs. If you are a man who likes to keep it simple and loves a watch with a classic design, then this is the watch that you need to get. If you want to know more about this watch, click here:

Swiss Eagle Water Proof Watch

“That is one good-looking wristwatch!” If you hear that often, chances are that you probably own a Swiss Eagle watch. If you don't, maybe it's time you pick one of these up! This wristwatch from Swiss Eagle features a black strap and dial, with splashes of gold all over. Again, another very elegant watch that doesn't try hard to be a noticed, but manages to do so anyway. The highlight of the watch is its simple dial that keeps things uncluttered and easy to understand. If you want to find out more about this sophisticated timepiece.

Police Water Proof Watch

If you're looking for a watch for a smart wristwatch for your everyday use, then look no further than this piece from Police. The brown leather strap and dial of the wristwatch give it a casual look that would complement formal situations as well. Additionally, the watch also features a chronograph for all your timekeeping needs, and tells you the day and date. While it seems unreal to pack all these functions into just one wristwatch, that's not all! The wristwatch also functions at 5 ATM, which means it will work even 50 meters underwater.

Espirit Water Proof Watch

This watch from Esprit gives the classic look that few watches for men do. The brown leather strap balances the black dial to give an appearance that is sporty yet sophisticated. If you're somehow not sold on this watch already, then you should know that its appearance isn't all that is there is to this watch! It comes equipped with chronograph and a tachymeter, and it offers 10 ATM water-resistance as well! This piece could prove to be real hand – rain or no rain!

Tommy Hilfi Water Proof Watch

This all-black watch from Tommy Hilfiger is one that radiates a strong, bold personality. This piece likes to keep it simple, and features a black leather strap with a matching dial. Splashes of gold used for detailing only add to its personality. This watch is also equipped with a chronograph that lets you record time with great accuracy. If you want a watch that's both stylish and with substance, this piece from Tommy Hilfiger is best for you!