Benefits Of Wearing A Lapis Lazuli Gemstone


The lapis lazuli gemstone is a semi-precious stone that is dark blue with specks of gold. This beautiful gemstone originates from Afghanistan and has been used to create paint as well as in the form of jewellery. It is a combination of aluminium silicate and a tiny amount of pyrite and calcite.

There are numerous benefits of lapis lazuli that can help you lead a peaceful and positive life. When you wear it as a ring, bracelet or necklace it provides you peace of mind and helps you make good judgement. You can also place a lapis lazuli Ganesha idol or Feng-Shui plant in your house for prosperity.

One can wear a lapis lazuli necklace in order to activate the throat or Vishuddha Chakra. It will set your imagination free and create depth and clarity in your thinking. If you are embarking on a journey of spirituality and enlightenment, the lapis lazuli will definitely help you move forward.

Many people choose to wear this pretty gemstone in form of a pendant or a ring. If worn as a ring it is best to be worn on the middle finger for maximum benefit. It is believed that the power in this gemstone enhances your intuition and channels psychic energies. The positive aura associated with the lapis lazuli gemstone also helps you understand the value of truth.

In order to purify the stone over a period of using it, one can simply dip it in plain water overnight or wash it with running water and dab it with a cloth. It is a semi-precious gemstone with benefits that will make you a calmer person. You can always consult an expert or a gemmologist before you wear any gemstone. However, the lapis lazuli is radiant with positivity and will only provide you peace and guidance. There are many porm of this gemstones like you can use this as pendant, blacelet and malas. All is depend on your choice. Lapis lazuli Gemstones wearer is benefited as the gemstone provides calm and good judgment, reduces insecurity and fear of failure. Lapis lazuli gemstone is also associated with abundance and prosperity and Rawat Gems also believed that it has healing pow