Beginner39s Guide To Making Jewelry


If you are looking for sterling silver jewelry supplies, you need to look at the online retainer, Sterling Silver India. The following article gives you some basic information about getting into making jewelry, it being for a hobby or for a business.

Choosing Types of Jewelry

It can be a challenge when you first decide to making jewelry. You need to look at the different sterling silver jewelry supplies and find out which type you specially want to start out making. Once you find one piece, you can then build your skills and you will then have an easier time learning a new technique because of what you can already do.

Basic Skills

There are a few skills that you are going to want to know for just about every project you make. Most projects are going to require that you have a basic knowledge of how to open and close a jump ring correctly and form a basic wire loop. Once you master these skills, they will transfer to whatever type of project you are creating.

Getting Quality Tools

The better the tools that you have to work with, the easier the process is going to be and the better your jewelry is going to turn out. In the long run, the tools are going to more than pay for themselves when you are able to create rather than buy your sterling silver jewelry supplies. Once you have the needed tools, it will be inexpensive to make the jewelry pieces.

Finding Jewelry Supplies

There are many options on where to purchase sterling silver jewelry supplies, such as Sterling Silver India. Before you choose your favorite vendor, you should look in your local craft store and get your hands on some of their tools and supplies.

Working Space

It is important to have your own working space for making your jewelry. Once you have the space, you need to sort your sterling silver jewelry supplies and label them appropriately. You need to figure out a system that works for you and stick with it.

Taking Classes

You can easily take a jewelry making class and let an experienced instructor walk you through the process of making a certain piece of jewelry.

Keeping At It

It is important that you know that learning to make jewelry may not be something you learn overnight. Do not let one difficult or failed project ruin your excitement about making jewelry for a hobby or for a business. The skills will take time in order to develop but you will get them down before you know it.


You should not be afraid to try a particular skill because you think it looks hard. With the right tools and sterling silver jewelry supplies, you will be amazed what you are able to make. You should not limit yourself to a certain style, color or size of jewelry. You can play around with your jewelry supplies, try new things and see how you like them.