Balmain Watches Get The Feeling Of Elegance


What is the reason to choose a Balmain watch?

There is numerous Swiss luxury, fashion and premium watch brands operating in the watch market. Every brand has its distinguishing factor in watch making. In the same way, Balmain has made its presence felt among the watch lovers and buyers through their affordable price tag and refinement. In addition to it, they always experiment with the design of their watches. Needless to say, everything needs a change, and this is the reason why Balmain watches have won the heart of wide spread watch lovers and users.

Even the models containing precious gems like rubies and sapphires are also available in a very approachable range. Moreover, every material has the authenticity assured by the brand.

Plenty of Fanciful Collections

Abundance makes choice difficult. Balmain has such a handful of watch lines that you will be really surprised. Among the most desired men's and women's collections are: Balcreme Lady, Balmainia Lady, Beleganza Lady, Arabesques, Classic R Grande and many more.

Collection for Men :

Classic R Grande

Fashionable as well as conventional, the Classic R Grande watches leave one in a wonder. Shine and grace embeds these watches with brilliant architecture. The colourful dials are embroidered with either sub dials or with date display functionality and sharp pointed needle like hands. Steel case binds the pieces with toughness, while sapphire crystal glass material gives protection from scratches. Besides stainless steel straps, these pieces are available with two tone and leather straps. While stainless steel is the most commonly used strap material that gives solidity and at the same time gloss, the leather and two- tone strap respectively provides endurance and variety. Performances of the tickers reach to the pinnacle with the help of automatic and quartz movement.


Madrigal means a medieval short lyric poem. Watches of the line are as beautiful as poetry. Crystal clear dials are fabricated with golden needle like sharp- pointed minute and hour hands. Three sub dials are placed in such a way that it looks almost similar like that of Olympic ring. Attractive silver and rose gold bezel ties with the muscular steel built case.

Features such as analogue display bring out a traditional essence, while the chronograph makes the watches very effective. The brownish leather borne straps enhance the glamour of the user's hand, while the stainless steel and two tone straps respectively provides solidity and multifariousness.

Collection for Women :


Known for its fusion of Arabian and church architecture, the Arabesques models are the most desired ones from the brand. This women's collection has a distinct identity among the stylish women. With unbelievable crafting, the watches are perfectly fit at the female wrist. Every model has some enchanting radiance. Models with ring like dials are the most stylish, while the rose gold and golden models escalate the status of a wearer in a grand occasion.

Apart from usual round dials, the Arabesques models also have square dials. The mineral crystal glass cover provides clarity along with the protection from scratches, plus the water resistance capacity enhances the longevity of these watches.

Balcreme Lady

Shining like stars, every model of this collection fits the wrist of gracious women. Some models have diamonds set at the strap which gives the user additional glow. The steel base of the pieces provides solidity and firmly holds the component parts. Clarifying white dials with glossy bezel makes a lady wearer wondering.

With the sapphire crystal glass cover, all these pieces are capable to resist scratches. Water resistant quality plays an important role in keeping these pieces durable.