Automatic Watches That Set A Trend


Today's generation desires for watches that fulfil their every need. A watch must be the expression of their personality, lifestyle and fashion. Automatic watches are those timepieces that are powered by the natural motion of the wrist.

Many reputed timekeepers have shown their interest in introducing automatic timepieces. They flawlessly mingle the modern designs with advanced architecture to give these timepieces a magnificent look. Staying true to the core of the craftsmanship, the brands design timepieces that carry their individual tone of interacting with wearers.

The brands that successfully convey the note of modernity with automatic timepieces are TAG Heuer, Cartier, Frederique Constant, Piaget, Rado, Raymond Weil and Omega. The brands come up with eloquent automatic timepieces that raise eyebrows of millions. The content brings out the engineering detail of the timepieces for watch-lovers.


The timepieces from the house of Omega are the wonders of the timekeeping world. Both men and women collections express an indigenous appeal through their appearance appearances. The look of the timepiece is such that it gives you the freshness of a new morning. The dewdrop-shaped bracelet gives 424. an adorable touch. The 33mm white dial adds a playful touch with the design of the butterflies. This automatic watch embraces the wrist of women in a loving way.

TAG Heuer:

The brand introduced the automatic watch – Carrera Heuer-02T. It has enough features that lure the hearts of technology-laden minds. This timepiece is truly the admixture of boldness and advanced. Wearers can feel the brave engineering on their wrist with this timepiece. The COSC certified automatic chronograph spreads the charm of daring through its appearance. It contains a lightweight tourbillion that has a touch of titanium and carbon to its top.


The HyperChrome Automatic Chronograph collection is already the winner in the timekeeping world. The clean and sleek appearance of the collection touches the hearts of watch connoisseurs. It exudes both a sophisticated look and a sporty gesture. The dial is circled with a ceramic bezel that has tachymeter engraved on it. The complete appearance of the timepiece is enhanced with gold-lined hands and chronograph function.


The brand is renowned for introducing simple yet elegant timepieces. With a clean design and a few features, the timepieces carve out a niche for itself. The Altiplano Gold Bracelet has a magical touch through its soothing appeal. The dial of the timepiece is graced with the clean-cut of hands and indexes in black colour.

Frederique Constant:

The watches of Frederique Constant are designed to justify the trend of today. They are funky and creative in appearance. The Slimline Auto Heart Beat reveals the great craftsmanship of the brand. The soothing white dial strikes a different note a skeletonised sub-dial.

These automatic timepieces offer the most successful invention of the brands. They set a rhythmical balance between architectures and the use of technologies.