Authentic Watch Retailer In Mumbai ForRado HyperChrome Watches


Rado – one of the most appreciated and luxurious brand is not only well known for its design and statement but also it has a consistent background of precise time-keeping.In the year 1917 three brothers Fritz, Ernst and Schulp opened a clock factory named Schulp& Co. After 40 years in 1957 the company changed its name to RadoUhren AG, presently known as Rado.

The HyperChrome family which was inspired by vintage timepieces of Rado was unveiled in the year 2012. This collection has numerous models and the buyer has the full freedom to choose from a wide range of colours, shapes, sizes and features.It also features Rado's high tech ceramic, which is not only an example of craftsmanship but also a technological wonder.This thing has been crafted by a single piece of injected ceramic.

Now it is time to talk about the authentic watch retailer in Mumbai for Rado HyperChrome watches.There are certain facts one should verify before making any deal with that Retailer.

  • Authenticity: It is your responsibility to check the authenticity of the retailer.Make sure that they have the proper authority to deal with those expensive watches.
  • Warranty: Any conscious buyer should ask the retailer for Manufacturer's Warranty and not just for 'Warranty'.Never ever try to buy a luxury watch without proper invoice and warranty.Buying without those can ruin the whole luxury of yours, you are planning to relish as a proud owner of a luxury watch.
  • After Sales Service & Customer Support: Any authentic watch retailer must have a wide network of Service Centres to troubleshoot all the problems might come in prolonged usage.Rado HyperChrome is one of the most advanced and complex machine among luxury watches so, it is very much important that the service centre should be backed up by well trained and experienced personnel.
  • Check the Deals: Many people thinks that a maximum discount is the best parameter to judge a retailer but unfortunately it's not.May be an extra discount can drag you to a lot of trouble.The retailer will be able to give you a huge discount if his share of watches is fake or refurbished.

So be aware of not-so-true deals.A good discount is the maximum one given to you after charging all the scheduled custom duties and taxes that should be levied on a luxury watch.

There are numerous authentic luxury watch retailers in Mumbai from whom you can get your dream Rado HyperChrome.The Prime – Luxury Watch Boutiques, Ethos Watch Boutiques, Helios Watches to name a few.