Armani Exchange Chronograph Blue Dial AX1505 Mens Watch


Armani Exchange forms a part of the Armani line that focused on the younger crowd. Its products are provocative and that applies to its line of watches as well. The street-chic lifestyle they represent is closely related to the fashions initiated by contemporary dance music. The Armani Exchange Mens Watch doesn't deviate from this norm and offers supreme level of quality in its materials, design and built.

It exudes the brand's overall style that is based on four basic principles: style, quality, attitude and performance. The Armani Exchange AX1505 is an amazing looking watch. It's typically bold in its design and striking in its construction. The extra oomph comes from the patterned centre of the main dial and makes it an excellent choice for occasions where appropriate dressing is must! The combination of deep blue and brushed stainless steel is both spectacular and low-key, bringing a refined, classy look that's not too overt, neither to concealing. Instead, it brings a dull gleam that imparts the watch its charming, confident, masculine appeal.

The Armani Exchange AX1505 chronograph watch has something extra that not too many watches give you. It's the crown protector; you do not have to worry again about getting your watch damaged in case you need to handle some hard, manual labour. It is a great addition at the price and it does constitute a statement! Apart from becoming one of the chief selling points, the crown-guard brings the Armani Exchange Chronograph Blue Mens Watch a professional, bold outlook.

The Armani Exchange Chronograph Blue Mens Watch tends to be on the larger side, so it grabs attention easily and is just the right piece of accessory to fit in with both your formals and exotics. It portrays just one idea: The wearer means business. The overall classy, bold style hence makes the Armani Dial AX1505 Mens Watch very well suited for business mixed with a bit of pleasure.

The Armani Dial AX1505 Mens Watch is not an active wear if the presence of the chronograph function and screw-in pushers make you think that. They are no doubt sports-quality, but the white gallery is a better place for it. But then again, it's sturdy and built to last long and easily qualifies as an everyday wear.

But above everything else, the Armani Exchange Chronograph Watch is a high-end watch with a reasonable price, a superb quality and a built that endures. It is for the times when you want to wear something very professional but uniquely designed and certainly not of a colossal mass. All in all, a dressier-looking watch that you can sport when moving between work and play.