Armani Exchange ATLC Chronograph Quartz AX1369 Men39s Watch Sharp Nonchalant Edgy


The Armani Exchange ATLC Chronograph Quartz AX1369 Men's Watch is for the times when you want to defy traditional looks and embrace exoticism in its real sense. This striking watch easily qualifies as a real talking point and ensures a standout presence with its far from subtle touches amidst an all-black look.

It is not very easy to integrate a casual style within a classy outlook but surprisingly, the Armani Exchange Chronograph Quartz AX1369 Men's Watch packs it all! That is the primary point that brings the Armani Exchange ATLC Chronograph AX1369 Men's Watch right to the front of evening fashion – any time of the year, any season. Partly, that's due to the controlled use of a single colour; partly, it's due to the laid-back approach that aptly fits the time of the day it's actually meant for.

The Armani Exchange ATLC Chronograph Quartz Watch is a more than fine example of smooth sophistication gradually transforming into a modern and utilitarian piece that touches the heart in its every sense. But emotions aside, let's see its physical aspects for some time.

The Armani Exchange ATLC Chronograph Quartz Men's Watch is an oversized men's wrist-wear all in black ion-plated steel. Inside, it's a Japanese quartz movement while the black dial (in two different shades of black) has vertical stripes on one half of it and a plain texture on the other. The combination exudes a bold and austere personality at the same time and showcases the fact that fine watch-making need not necessarily be an expensive affair. It's dapper and down-to-earth at the same time, securing a firm position between offensive loudness and a deliberate unostentatious feel.

The Armani Exchange Lady Hampton Black Crystals Quartz AX1365 Men's Watch is a fine way to appear 'dressed to kill' without being offensively loud. It's stunning, ornate simplicity makes that possible; its subtle contrast between the two halves of the black dial provides a perfect background for the signature, satin-finished 3D logo to come alive with full elan. That's both bold and fun – a prominence that sits easy on the eyes.

The Armani Exchange Rose Gold ATLC Black Dial AX1365 Men's Watch is an exceptional example of subtle touches bringing about a strong impact. It's the kind of sleekness that brings a classy edge without destroying the casual appeal. The elements merge beautifully with each other yet stand on their own and contributes to the masculine elegance for which, the ATLC is admired for. If you want a watch that gives you all the elements of modern designs within the context of old school classiness, there's no better choice than the Armani Exchange Quartz ATLC Black Dial AX1365 Men's Watch.