Ambers Present A Frozen Moment Of History


Amber is a form of fossilized resin formed from trees. They are extremely beautiful in appearance and are appreciated from the ancient times till today. They find a lot of importance on jewelry from the olden days. They are also used in perfumes and in the folk medicines. They are found in several catchy colors ranging from yellow, blue to black and orange. Ambers are formed from the tree resins. They are sticky substances that come out from the trees. When they come out, they come in touch with different substances like insects or plants. They get included in the resin matter, and the resin hardens into Amber stones which are the main objects of appeal.

Story of a bygone era

Amber is not found everywhere in the world. They are very much specific to particular locations in the world. You will find the majority of Amber in the Baltic countries located on the eastern side of Europe. The main beauty of these fossilized tree resin is in the inclusions it makes while trickling down and solidifying. When these sticky substances become hard, they create a kind of a protective colored covering on these substances. It is like the freezing of a particular moment in time. It is like these mysterious inclusions telling a story of the by-gone era.

Creates exquisite light effects

The best qualities of Amber are found in Latvia, Dominican Republic, Poland and in pockets of Russia. Due to the intriguing nature of these substances, there are large demands of Amber all over the world. The major requirement of Amber is in the jewelry industry. The Ambers used in the jewelry come in various attractive color combinations such as brown, yellow and orange which create dazzling effects when the sunlight passes through them. The original best quality amber is not at all damaged for any effect. The effects of the light are created naturally over them. Apart from the jewelry, they find wide applications on the perfumes. In the olden days, they were widely used in medicines.

Baltic ambers are one of the best

There are different types of Amber that are formed from different parts of the world. The basic theme of appeal is common. It is the inclusion of substances in the sticky substances secreted from the trees and further solidifying into the Amber stones, which remains the main attractive factor. The Amber found in the Baltic seas is one of the most in demand in the world. The beautiful inclusions are found in diverse tones and hues. The rarest of the colors are the jet black ones which are very expensive.

Amber is supposedly soothing

Some people also believe that Amber has tremendous healing effects. If you wear Amber, it provides a calm and soothing effect. It has always been considered good to wear Amber. It is supposed to bring back balance into your life. It is a substance which is believed to remove the negative energy, balance your emotions and make you stress-free.

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