Amber FossilFormation And Types


Amber is the most popular name in the fossilized resin. The origin of this stone is the Baltic region. There are various facts about this particular stone. Initially it was invented in the Baltic region but with time, these stones spread through different other regions of the planet. The basic meaning of the word Amber is the golden color and the color reflects a ray predominantly. In fact one interesting thing about this stone is that it reflects different frequencies of light on the object. These frequencies include blue, green, red and many more. The specialty of this stone is it can be used in designing the jewelry. The decorations with fossils of insects or plants are the main attraction of this type of jewelry.

Formation of the Amber stones

The Amber fossil is one of the great treasures of nature. If one concentrates on the formation of these gems, he or she will see that there are various types of bacteria in these stones. Initially, the amber stones come to the jeweler in liquid or in the sticky form. Further, it goes through some processes by the professional designers. Sometimes the stones are built up with fossil plants. These plants include different types pine leafs or another type of leafs and they give different looks to the stones.

The price of the amber stone valued considering the types of plant or the type of animal trapped in the stone. Sometimes the microscopic bacteria produce gas or bubbles in these stones and make these transparent stones more attractive. These bubbles stuck as it is into the stones. It looks stunning from outside and also enhances the beauty of the jewelry.

Types of the Amber stones

Amber fossil is the natural product, which is basically a type of stone available in different shapes and sizes. People should choose the right shape that suits them. Choosing the wrong shape and the size can hamper the entire look. There are various sizes and quality of the stones that are available in the market. However, most of the stones are available in big sizes. Generally the big stones which are engraved on the finger ring look stunning and elegant at the same time. Small stones can be used in the earrings.

Apart from the sizes and the shapes, the colors of this kind of stones are another important thing to notice. There are different colors of the amber stones, available in different shops. Prices differ according to the color and the appearances of the stone. Blue and green colors are the most precious ones. Also, there are some good effects of these colored ambers. The blue color enhances positive energy to a pregnant lady. It provides the energy to the baby inside the womb as well. Further, if one is having any kind of health issues then the blue colored stone reduces the intensity of the disease.

These are the basic facts that one should know while considering the formation and the types of the amber stones.

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