Adidas Performance Questra Quartz ADP6138 Watch


An effortless combination between form and function, the Adidas Performance Questra Quartz ADP6138 Watch delivers all that your sporty and active life might need at an amazingly competitive price point.

It's almost for a century that the Adidas Group has been around and recently, they shifted their gaze from footwear, apparel and accessories to casual and sport watches. The Adidas Performance Watches is borne out of this endeavour from the brand; it's a simple watch but nevertheless, brilliant.

The Adidas Performance Questra Quartz Watch is one of the most prominent products in the Adidas watch arsenal. It looks basic but packs in a whole lot of sporty punch in terms of a variety of innovative features that easily let you reach your training goals. The Questra Quartz ADP6138 Watch also qualifies as a casual wear on the streets, irrespective of the way you dress. Retro, fashion or performance, the Adidas Performance Quartz ADP6138 Watch compliments whatever style of clothes you may like to don.

As it's with the rest of the Questra line, the Adidas Questra Quartz ADP6138 Watch is wearable and functional under all types of conditions and circumstances, embodying the characteristics of the wearer every bit of it! From an active lifestyle to fashion-forward clothing styles, the Adidas Performance Questra Quartz ADP6138 matches all!

The dynamic design of the Adidas Performance Quartz Watch owes to its rather large and bright digital display and a very prominent, golden bezel that makes it readily noticeable without hitting the eye. Its dull shine with the indications of the functions assigned to each button is a big advantage while viewing in the dark.

The rugged plastic case housing of the Adidas Performance ADP6138 Watch is slightly on the larger side and 13mm thick and comes with a 50 meters or 165 feet of water resistance. The large case also helps in occupying a larger surface area on the wrist and ensuring a firmer grip while the stability of the rugged mineral crystal ensures things are not going to break any soon.

The Adidas Questra Quartz ADP6138 Watch is versatile due to its combination of a stopwatch, an alarm and a backlit LCD. Whatever the light condition might be, it takes care of it. Unlike many other higher priced chronograph watches, it allows using the stopwatch in dark and the alarm also helps you to set limits to your sporting activities.

Therefore, if you want a reliable wrist partner for at least a decade that won't break even under heavy pressure and demand, look no further than the Performance Questra Quartz Watch. It's going to be your go-to watch for all your busy activities, whether on the tracks, in water or amidst an urban life.