A Synopsis Of Buying Round Brilliant Stone


Diamond is one of those things which are close to every woman's heart in fact it is said to be the key to the door of a woman's heart. Every woman love buying diamonds, wearing and cherishing them. But here the main question is how to buy them? Well! Buying a diamond is also a skill and you can be easily tricked into buying a copy or artificial one instead of a genuine one.

The preciseness of the cut of the diamond and the degree of light performance are the two important factors to be considered to determine the genuineness of the diamond. While choosing a 0.9 carat H VVSI2 Round brilliant diamond what you need to focus on is the angles as well as the proportions because they play a key role in determining optical performance. A diamond with excellent GIA isn't always perfect so that should be kept as the only parameter to select a diamond. GIA is one of the main gemological labs that provide you with steady and dependable reviewing services and hence protect you from getting your money ripped off by some jeweler and as a customer you need to know precisely what you are getting so better don't go for purchasing diamonds that are reviewed by some other labs.

How to make sure you get right on paying right?

Buying a diamond is always a big financial and emotional investment so if you wish to get a 0.9 carat H VVSI2 Round brilliant diamond and make sure that it is worth what you are spending, then you are ought to do comparisons with the benchmarks.

Usually people follow 4Cs which stand for cut, carat, color and clarity. Cut is the common parameter as it is believed better the cut, better the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond. If the diamond is cut too deep, the light which enters will leak through it and that's the major reason diamonds with poor cut look dark and dull. The lighting at the jewellery is always so excessive that it makes the poor cut also look good and then as soon as you leave the store the diamond loses its sparkle; this is how it feels.

These 4Cs check is what people usually do and being extra prudent you need not hesitate from trying some different standards for comparison and go beyond the 4Cs.

Round diamonds cost more on per carat basis than the other fancy shapes as round ones are much popular than others. On the other hand every customer has his/her own standard for testing the clarity of the diamond. Now days people prefer buying them online too because several checks and measure are made known to customers and usually they fall for the lower prices as compared to the physical jewelry stores. If you are looking to buy 0.9 Carat H-VVSI2 Round brilliant Diamond, then it is essential to have knowledge about these concepts and the identification checks which you should know when you are planning to buy online. So, next time you buy one, buy it with all your wisdom.