A Guide To Making Of Jewelry Design And To Get Established


Jewelry design reveals the art of jewelry making. This is a technique that can be initiated by putting your idea into a paper and later creating the same envisioned piece to a jewelry maker and you will reach a jewelry designer.

Jewelry designing is fun and interesting, if you are passionate about it. Of course, it requires a lot of attention to be paid to the principles of design. It is about knowing to tap your creativity by focusing on a design at a time. This also gives you an option of being self-employed. A jewelry design job is for people who have a desire to share their style and creativity.

Getting On Track

  • Choose your path as there are different routes to jewelry designing. Choosing your path is to about deciding that you wish to specialize, such as design only or to involve in design and jewelry creating.
  • You may stick to the design aspect alone and focus on illustration skills by getting the right education in jewelry design. After knowledge and practice, create your designs and begin with various raw materials to work on jewelry.
  • There are apprenticeships and training on-the-job available also to learn, if you wish to skip school, but get trained with some reputable jewelers.

Competitive edge

Giving a competitive edge to you with a degree helps in taking the specific route. Employers also find having a degree appealing as on-the-job training is not much required. Jewelry makers become independent or specialized on having a formal education.

There are many art institute's and accredited universities offering the opportunity to shape and cut gems. Advanced experience and credentials may help you to start your own business.

If you want to become a jewelry designer, practice by signing and creating ideas. The formal education may take around two to six years and on-the-job training may need around two years experience to become a skilled designer.

Jewelry design process

Learn the jewelry design process by first drawing your ideas using pencils on a paper. Nowadays, it is common to design using the computer software and this offers a better idea of the design and how the piece will look.

This is followed by the next step to make a 2D design into 3D prototype. This also is done in various ways such as CAD, 3D printing, wax or clay molds to be filled using melted metal. As the prototype is done, the casting of metal can be initiated by the jeweler.

Jewelry is the only item that has sales even when the economy fluctuates. It is viewed as a luxury item and it takes a hit when the economy is struggling. Learn important skills to become an entrepreneur. Learn the business areas, not just creation and design. You may focus on jewelry design, but you must know lots to become successful. However, regardless of the place you stand on design with your knowledge, you can always become a designer if you have the required passion. Learning takes time and practice, but with a natural knack for designing jewelry is sure to improve your talent.