A Discussion On The Characteristics Of Panerai Watches



Giovanni Panerai set up the Panerai watch business in 1860. He first set up shop in Florence, Italy. The watchmaker soon became the official supplier of these timepieces to the Royal Italian Navy when his grandson takes over the business. Panerai watches are looked on as one of the greatest Swiss precision timepieces all over the world.

Key Features

The manufacturing unit of the Panerai watch is located on the lakefront of Neuchatel., Switzerland. All research and development activities are carried on in the same manufacturing unit. Panerai watches are tantamount to Rolex watches and other branded watches as one of best timepieces in the world. All movements and assembly of various components take place here. There are many quality tests and checks that are done at each stage to ensure that each and every timepiece is working correctly.

Panerai Watches are designed to be used in temperatures ranging from -10degree C to 60 degrees C. if they are used in temperatures that are beyond this limit, then the watch may not function. All straps are sturdy and are meant to be kept dry. If they become dirty then they should be washed with mild soap and water and are then left to dry.

The Ferrari edition of watches is also made by Panerai. The Ferrari watches have technical excellence and are known for their reliability. They have been revered for generations and are still in rage among the fanatics.

  • The Product Range
  • The product range of Panerai watches includes:
  • The Historic Range
  • The Contemporary Range
  • The Manifaturra Range
  • The Special Edition Watch.

The most famous of the Panerai watches is Radiomir 8 days. This watch is very elegant and has great specifications. It has a bezel polished steel and is water resistant up to 100 meters. It has an alligator strap. Its functions include hours, minutes, date, seconds reset and horizontal power reserve. Its movement is also superb.

The epical edition watches are launched every year. The special edition watches were first launched in 1997 and have been launched every year since then.

Sales Service

Panerai offers warranties for all its Designer Watches. The warranty period may differ. In case any defect crops up in the watch usage sooner or later, it is recommended that the watches should be taken to authorized Panerai's dealers who have superb proficiency in handling these high-grade watches. Panerai is also not responsible if the watches are used in any other manner not specified by it.