A Designer Pendant For Men


As compared to western culture, Indian men tend to wear pendants more. As Indian culture is full of customs and traditions, reason behind popularity of men wearing pendants is also something logical.

Men's jewelry differs from women's jewelry in every aspect. Women wear jewelry to twinkle in their unique style, while men wear jewelry like rings, bracelets, pendants that give a masculine effect to their personality. While this is true for some men as few of them don't believe that they need to wear jewelry to define their masculinity. They believe that they look more masculine and smart with simple gold chains hanging around their neck.

The basic difference between men's and women's pendant is its design. The design of men's pendant is rough and tough while women's pendants are delicate and abstract in design.

Why men wear pendants?

Wearing a beautiful symbol of faith in the form of gods or goddesses in pendant, it gives a lot of positive vibe to the wearer and invokes confidence for daily activities, let him feel safe and secure and being watched by the god.

Why only gold?

Gold is the choice of most men's pendants for several reasons. It indicates wealth, prosperity and success in that particular man's life and career.

There is a selection of yellow or white gold. A lot of designs are available in gold pendants for men, also collections exist in the market with white gold pendants for men. A dual tone pendant for men is also liked by them, as the white tone is accurately highlighted in right portions of the pendant alluring the look of original design.

Types of designer men pendants

The designs in men's pendants are generally based upon gods or goddesses one worships. For Christians, wide range of cross designs is available. For Muslims, as wearing gold is prohibited by men, silver is worn by them and they prefer wearing Allah's name in pendant or locket in Arabic script.

1. OM Pendants

The symbol of 'OM' is most commonly worn by men in pendants. It is typically designed in Sanskrit lettering and diamonds are engraved within the lettering. Those who follow Lord Ganesha in Hinduism are seen wearing this designer men pendant more than others following other gods.

2. Exclusive Rudraksha Pendants

Rudraksha is a seed mainly used for prayer beads in Hinduism. The rudraksha is a symbol of presence of blessing from three lords, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Rudraksha pendant is worn by gold or silver capping on both upper and lower ends of rudraksha. Many men wear single rudraksha either hung in a holy thread around their neck instead of chain, while some wear 108 rudraksha containing gold chain. It is considered compulsory to wear 108 rudraksha in case you are wearing a rudraksha mala.

3. Diamond Pendants

Diamond pendants for men are accompanied by white gold. Unlike pendants for women, they are not reflecting elegance but are diamond studded pendants which only reflects high-status or rich look and feel of that man.

4. Vaastu-designed Pendant

Vaastu-shaastra holds equal importance and significance as gods and goddesses pendant. The purpose of vaastu-shaastra is creating peace and harmony in one's life. Tortoise, Gold coins, sun etc vaastu elements are worn as pendants by men depending upon their individual belief.

5. Slogan (Shlokas) in Pendants

Religious slogans are enchanted for peace. These slogans are also found in some designer men's pendant symbolized in Sanskrit script.

6. God sculpted in Pendants

Pious sculptures of God are always blissful. Lord Krishna, Lord Hanuman, Lord Ganesha are most commonly found designs. Also peacock's feather is considered as Lord Krishna's sign, so colorful gemstone studded feathers are available in designer pendants for men.

7. Trendy Men's Pendants

Today, a huge popularity of designer pendants in teenagers is a result of their favorite pop-stars or rock-stars are wearing it. The celebrities benchmark their style statement by flaunting those trendy pendants out from their unbuttoned chests. As teenagers cheerfully follow their favorite actors or singers and love to mimic their style, fashion is dictated by accessories worn by celebs.