6 Tips To Use While Buying Yellow Sapphire Stone Online


Online gem market is repleted with a plethora of fake gem sellers who promptly label a fake stone as an original stone to churn out the maximum money out of your pocket. And, they mostly get succeeded in their aspirations because most of the gem buyers have minimal knowledge about the stones.

Having Survived in the online gem market for more than a decade, yellowsapphire.org.in will effort to guide you through this post to what not to do while buying gemstones online especially, yellow sapphire stone.

Choose Reputed Online Gem Sellers:

Always opt for a reputed or authentic online gem sellers. Now, you must be wondering what do we mean by authentic gem sellers. By authentic gem sellers, we mean those gemstone dealers who have earned huge name and fame in this field. A Yellow sapphire gemstone is a precious stone aligned with propitious planet Jupiter.

Wearing this stone will carry enormous wealth, sound health, confidence, intellect and fortune to its wearer. Considering the advantages of wearing pukhraj or yellow sapphire stone, you should only wear real & certified stone. Hence, while buying this stone must check about the company, its history, product quality and reviews about the company.

Check the Color of Yellow Sapphire Stone:

This stone occurs in several shades such as light yellow shade and intense dark yellow shade. A high quality yellow sapphire will have a light yellow color and impeccable shine. Thus, while buying this stone do consider the color characteristics of this stone. Do not buy yellow sapphire stone, if it appears to you dull and excessively lustrous because it may be a fake yellow sapphire.

Check the Hardness of The Stone:

A yellow sapphire stone is an immensely hard stone. On the Mohs Scale, its hardness touches score 9.0 which is equivalent to the auspicious gemstone blue sapphire. This proves that pukhraj stone is extremely durable and it is almost impossible that it gets scratched easily. Therefore, if you come across a yellow sapphire genstone which perceives scratches easily, then, that gemstone would not be real yellow sapphire.

Ask A Jeweler or Gem Dealer About the Treatments and Inclusions: It is evident that almost all stones have been treated or enhanced in one or other way. However, it is essential for a gem dealer or jeweler to inform you beforehand about all the treatments and enhancements a gemstone has undergone.

Hiding these essential details ensures that jeweler is selling you fake product. Hence, only trust that jeweler or gem dealer who outwardly informs you all types of treatments or enhancements a stone has undergone.

Do Not Fall In The Trap of Word “Sale”:

Often it has been seen that people easily fall in a trap when a shopkeeper use this word “Sale” or “Discount”. But if you are about to purchase stones, especially yellow sapphire stone which is a precious gemstone. Then, do not fall for these marketing gimmicks because in most cases, jewelers and gem dealers sell synthetic gemstones at discount prices to convince people buy their products.

Ask For Gemstone Certification From Jeweler:

Gemstone certification comprises of properties of the stone as well as enlist all treatments or enhancements a stone has perceived. There are several authentic gem certification labs persisting around the world which offer unbiased reports of the gemstones.

For instance:

gemlabworld.com, GiA offers legit gemstone certification reports. Hence, do ask seller to provide a certificate issued by an authenticated laboratory along with the stone.

Keeping the above-listed points in your mind will make it easy for you to purchase a high quality yellow sapphire gemstone.