6 Important Pointers For The Amateur Online Shoppers


There is a first time for everything but most of us are scared to make the move. Always remember that the first time lasts only once. Cycling, driving a car and online jewelry shopping are among the few things, which people are scared to try. Only a smooth ride or successful transaction at the first attempt will encourage the person to try it again. So, here are 6 tips to make your first online jewelry purchase easier.

1.Always check the size guide

People often wonder that how one can buy women rings online, as one cannot try the jewelry physically. However , not many of them know that to make this process easier and ensure that the customer orders the correct size, online websites have size guide applicable to each such product. In this size guide, you would be guided to first measure the dimension of your finger and then to figure out the size corresponding to the measurements.

2.Be sure about the return and exchange policy

Since, the product images be it a women's pendant or earring, are clicked in different lighting arrangements, it is obvious that the appearance of the product may vary in normal conditions. It may so happen that you may not like the product you see in person and wish to return or exchange it. Therefore, it is important to cross check the exchange policy of the online platform for a smooth exchange or return in such cases.

3.Know about the payment options

The women pendants shopping websites, offer you varied payment options so that the customer can easily order the product. Suppose, you are buying an expensive piece of jewelry and you want to first receive the product in person and then make the payment. In such a case, you can choose to pay via the Cash on delivery option. There may or may not be an extra cost associated with the cash of delivery option. The terms and conditions regarding this option would vary from one website to another.

4.Check out SSL security in case of online transaction

When you are willing to pay via an online method, say net banking or via your credit card or debit card, make sure to check whether the website is SSL secured or not. This type of security ensures that there are no chances of security breach and the transaction details like the pin or OTP are absolutely safe with your payment merchant.

5.Refer to the FAQs and Call customer care in case of unsolved queries

When you are buying a product from a shop, you have the shopkeeper in front of you to address your queries. In the same ways, the FAQs present on the website is present to address your queries. In the case of further assistance, you can surely call their customer care center on the toll-free number provided on their website.

6.Always go through product reviews and ratings

The final step is to check the product reviews and ratings to check the authenticity of the product. Therefore, the next time you buy a product, make sure to leave a review.