5 Watches For The Olympics Season


It seems as though the whole world is buzzing with excitement for the Olympic Games. Whether it is Michael Phelps winning gold medal after gold medal in swimming, or Usain Bolt's continued undefeated streak in 100m sprinting, it's safe to say that sports is on everybody's minds. So, how about a watch to go with the games? We've put together a list of 5 watches keeping the Olympic games in mind. Read on to find out watch you should get.

If you are a running enthusiast, then this is the watch you need to get. Fitbit is a must-have gadget for all the fitness freaks out there. This device is equipped with a whole variety of functions. Not only does it track your physical activities, but also connects to your smart devices. It is also designed for all day wear. So if you like to track your daily activities, or you are trying to get back into shape, get yourself this Fitbit! If you want to know more about this piece.

Automatic Watches

Like swimming? Then this is the watch for you! This piece from Tommy Hilfiger matches a white dial with a brown leather strap. It also has a chronograph for all your timekeeping needs. Additionally, it is functional at up to 50 metres underwater, making it perfect for swimmers. If you are a man who likes to keep it simple and loves a watch with a classic design, then this is the watch that you need to get. If you want to know more about this watch, click here:

WristWatch for Men

Since Rio is hosting the Olympic games this year, we decided to include this watch to symbolise the vibrant colours and culture of this great city . Perfect for anyone who stands out of a crowd as well as this watch does, this piece from GC features a mother of pearl dial with some bright colours. Pick up this watch and and represent Rio. Find out more about this watch:

GC wristwatch for Women

If you've been watching the Olympics, then you would know that it is the participants of the Shooting events who are the most stylish and sophisticated. We've found the perfect watch for people of these sensibilities. This wristwatch from Swiss Eagle features a black strap and dial, with splashes of gold all over. The highlight of the watch is its simple dial that keeps things uncluttered and easy to understand. If you want to find out more about this sophisticated timepiece, click here:

Swiss Timepiece for Men

Wish you could win a gold medal too? Here's a watch that will make you feel like a winner. This piece from Guess perfectly complements the subtlety of its rose-gold strap with the glamour of its studded dial. Anyone would be proud to own a watch this beautiful. While the watch keeps it simple in its design, it is this very simplicity that makes it so endearing. If you want to know more about this watch, find out here:

Gold Strap Watch