5 Things About Necklace


A Neckpiece marks the beauty of the neckline, showcasing the fine making and highlighting your apparel. What enhances the beauty of dressing is to dress up with the right choice of jewellery.

“From the ear to the toe, with that hanging the neck glitters more.”

Once dressing is certainly affected with the choice of neck hangings one Carries. Few points need to be kept in mind while selecting the right piece to match up your dressing.

  1. Length: the significant rule of selecting a neck piece is to go by the length of the neck piece. Long hangings usually are well suited with tunic or maxi dresses. With the length of the outfit hangings cover a long length of your neckline. Thus highlighting your dress. While cuffed neck pieces of short length ones are most accepted with most of your official and casual wears.
  2. Colors: with the falling of the leaves or breezy wind blowing away neck pieces should always suit the season. Summers usually comes with the soothing effect and the pleasant and bright colour combination of neck pieces always gives that radiant and glowy effect. With winters or autumn around mild colours gives that sophisticated look to the season. So enjoy the changing weather and variety in your dressing too.
  3. Style: Set your style statement with the trend of jewellery your carry. Traditional jewellery, contemporary style or a blend of both let the audience be pleased with your choice. Heavy outfit and occasional dresses should have light weighted necklaces while simple dresses can be brighten with a heavy jewel wear.
  4. Face Cut: Neck pieces suits the best when complimented with the shape of your face. Lengthy and light weighted neckpieces best suits for rounded face while the slimmer ones can go for a pendant look or even choker style of neck pieces. Simplifying the look and also making it best suit your personality, think before you choose.
  5. Comfort level: Last but definitely not the least, the comfort level of an individual matters the most. With the correct choice of jewellery and matched up dressing, it always gives a confidence boost up and strengthens your personality. That comes with the comfort to carry any of the jewellery with your outfit for the occasion. Uneasiness, heavy jewel pieces or neck pieces made with the unfit material usually spoils your evening. Enjoy dressing with the right choice.